12-22-2011, 07:52 PM
So... as you've probably heard, the next KH installment is gonna be for the 3DS, and a bunch of news about it has just been released since Jump Festa, as well as a whopping 8-minute trailer. Slated for release in Japan 2012, so I'm assuming it'll hit the states sometime this summer. But... wow, judging from everything so far, and having played all 6 KH games, this game looks very promising. I'm definitely getting a 3DS just for it.

So... here's what's known about it so far (warning spoilers!)

-This game is not KH3 per say, but a "prologue" to KH3, taking place after KH2 and Re: Coded's events (if you played Coded you would know what the letter from Mickey said).

-Main playable characters are Sora and Riku, and I think (I could be wrong), unlike in CoM with two seperate games for each of them, you're thrown switching between them.

-Neku Sakuraba and other characters from "The World Ends With You" are in this game... possibly instead of FF characters, but they haven't been ruled out yet.

-As the trailer suggests... looks like we'll be hanging in Traverse Town a lot again, and it will also have a 4th and 5th district! Other known worlds are Hunchback of Notre Dame, Pinocchio (Prankster's Paradise, not just Monstro... but looks like we will also go inside Monstro again), Tron Legacy, and... the "Three Musketeers".

-The premise of the game seems to be Sora and Riku are sent to see Yen Sid so he can give them the "Mark of Mastery" test and make them TRUE Keyblade masters, like Mickey and the BBS characters. I suppose this is to prepare them for events to come in KH3.

-New types of creatures are introduced in this game, "Dream Eaters" and "Nightmares". Dream Eaters can become allies, apparently.

Alright... more coming soon hopefully. Discuss.