07-31-2003, 10:41 AM
The best game ever made; shame about the piss poor bosses at the end though.

at 2 o clock in the morning I saw the final cut scene as I wondered how FFX-2 is going to be able to match up to FFX without in my eyes the two main characters in the game; yes the game is based arouns Yuna but Tidu's is the main character you control and Auron is the master, the teacher and the leader.

I knew that the dark aeons as well as nemesis and penance and the battle arena monsters were going to be impossible to beat without some serious upgrades to my party, so that's why I spent 25 hours playing blitzball to get the jupiter sigil and loads of time leveling up, getting gil and catching monsters so i could customize better things to my weapons.

I had caught every monster you can catch except for the ones inside sin, so i decided to go into sin, not planning on going all the way to completing the game. After laughing at monsters that it took me 6 hits to defeat (i wasn't using any celestial weapons since i wanted to catch fiends) I eventually got the save point before the stairs and thought I'll just see what's up these stairs.

There stands that bitch that I spent ages trying to kill at the top of mount gagazet, that it took me three attempts to dispose of him because he just kept managing to kill me until I "cheated" by powering up all my aeon's overdrives before the battle.

I'd already changed my weapons to the celestial weapons (masamune and world champion, they're the only ones I've got) and then it was a case of:

Yuna: Attack: 350
Wakka: Attack: 35000
Tidus: Attack: 9999
Auaron: Attack: 52000
Seymour: Die.

I was so dissapointed with that battle, I was hoping he was goin to turn into something ten times more powerful like in FF7, but he didn't he just lay down and let Yuna send him.

I moved on kicking more ass, and eventually came to the final aeon after that touching moment with Tidus and "you know who" just in case some people who haven't finished the game are reading this, I don't want to spoil it for them, and so it went something like this:

Auron: Banishing Blade: 68,000
Final Aeon: Gets his sword
Tidus: Attack: 9999
Wakka: Attack: 40,000
Auron: Attack: 45000
Rikku: Steal
Kimarhi: Lancet
Yuna: Summon: Ifrit
Ifrit: Attack: 10,000
Ifrit: Attack: 10,000
Final Aeon: Overdrive gauge fills
Ifrit: Attack: 10,000
Final Aeon: Dies

Me: "IS THAT IT!!??"

Again I was dissapointed oh, and then you get that touching scene, not before the fight, it's after. Anyway, I moved on to the final fight with a spider, a big spider, a big spider that you don't even talk to, he just decides to attack you, you decide to attack him, you don't get any information off him or anything. But before him as I thought you had to kill your own aeons, they all took one hit and then Yu Yevon battle went something like this:

Tidus: Energy Rain: 9999
Auron: Attack: 40,000
Yu Yevon: Curaga: 9999
Tidus: Attack: 9999
Auron: Attack: 40,000
Yu Yevon: Curaga: 9999
Wakka: Attack: 86,000

Now I'm snoring because of these bosses, THEY SUCKED! Whatever happened to those fights with the third seymour, the santuary keeper, Yunalesca, the thing before you fight yunalesca (if that is the santuary keeper then it's the thing you fight after seymour 3). Those four battles I was killed in everyone at least once, I had to devise strategies to win those battles, I couldn't just go in and attack. Yes at the time I couldn't do 86000 damage, but you would think that because you could when you go inside sin, they would make the final bosses have a million hp and have moves that do 8000 damage.

But I must say the actual ending to the game was amazing, I had tears running down my face like never before after playing a computer game or watching a film, Tidus has been like my best mate since I got the game and I loved watching the interacting between him and yuna. How will FFX-2 cope without Tidus and Auron? If they are planning on getting this Paine character to try and take his place then they're wasting there time, you can't replace Tidus, he's the best character they've made, always upbeat and happy and encouraging and wanting to kick some ass.

To sum it all up, it's the best game ever, it beats FF7 in my oppinion and that is something I thought I would never say about a game, the ending was amazing, but it's a shame that the final bosses weren't up to scratch. I'll be going back before fighting those final bosses and killing everything I haven't killed yet, finding everything I haven't found yet and trying to get a complete save.

But first... I think I might try and get that hidden ending cus a mate of mine said that Tidus is in FFX-2, that the fayth can dream again and Tidus lives, I don't believe him so I'm going to try it out. It made me like though, if there is a hidden ending it would be very highly possible that it involves Tidus and him not leaving spira.

edit: so much for the hidden ending, all it was was the short slip after the credits that I didn't see before as i turned it off before the credits ended, but I am so glad I did it again just to see those 10 seconds because it's now confirmed to me from that clip and spending the last 2 hours researching as much FFX-2 stuff possible that Tidus is in FFX-2. Oh thank god.

07-31-2003, 03:59 PM
If your going to spend that much time leveling up don't be dissapointed by how easy the last few bossess are. Fact is most gamers don't have the patience to spend hours on hours leveling up at the end of the game, so they have to make the game beatable for the average gamer. That's why they have optional bossess, to pose a challenge for the gamers who like to level up to obscene stats.

Batman 2000
07-31-2003, 07:10 PM
Optional bosses are only in International, because in the American version there aren't any optional bosses worth mentioning. And if you consider Omega and Ultima weapon to be bosses, you seriously need to re-consider! I think a marlboro would be harder than having to fight those two at the same time :eye: but thats just me.

Anyway, Yes I agree that the final bosses were probably the easiest of all the Final Fantasys, except maybe for 9. I could beat Necron in about 2 minutes or less. But, once again, that's just me.:D I think what would have been better for 10 is if in the beginning you got to choose an option to make the game harder. Or maybe after you beat the game, you could choose to replay it and it would get harder.

Neo Xzhan
07-31-2003, 07:59 PM
the only way to make the final bosses easier is to level Yuna alot. The stronger she is, the stronger the Aeons are, thus how stronger Yu Yevon will be. Though it is nearly impossible to loose, you already get autolife on the beginning of the battle (which is actually unescecary since you can beat them with ease).

The int. version has optional bosses, and dark Aeons and other stuff and adjustments like, the ribbon for armor.

If you want challenges go fight arena bosses, fight Nemesis and the Dark Aeons. The final bosses of the game are just too easy.