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08-27-2003, 03:08 AM

Disney Gives the Go Ahead?!

Two days ago at the Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany, Andy Mooney, Chairman of Disney Consumer Products Worldwide, confirmed at a press conference that Kingdom Hearts, with the help of Square-Enix, will be continued. Here is the direct translation:

.Good messages for Disney fans: On a press conference in the apron of the Games Convention Andy Mooney, confirmed Chairmon OF Disney Consumer Products Worldwide that the RPG Kingdom Hearts developed in co-operation of Square and Disney is continued. Further details to the play as well as the publication date are to be called to the Tokyo Game Show. Further Buena Vista thinks at present about a TV series to the Kingdom Hearts hearts-Franchise..

Now in good English this basically means that Disney has given agreement for a sequel to Kingdom Hearts. And, as I reported the other day, more details... including a release date... will be given at the Tokyo Game Show. But here.s the catch (come on, there.s always one) although Andy Mooney did appear at the Games Convention and give a Keynote speech, the details and official press release concerning his remarks on a Kingdom Hearts sequel can not officially be located. The Ansem Report is currently searching for further info regarding this confirmation. Also, no other sources have posted this statement which causes even more speculation. However, since our source for this statement is a German site, I have come to conclude that a reporter of this site attended the Games Convention and then reported back to the website... making this statement entirely true.

I will be contacting the website for verification of their statement. But back to the topic at hand , if you look very closely at the last line, you.ll read that Disney is also thinking about releasing a Kingdom Hearts TV series. We cannot official confirm this statement either. So to all of you at Ansem Report, this is it... you will get your sequel. The reports of a December 2004 release are still unknown as well. Everyone will just have to wait for this September for more news on a finishing time. I, and all the other staff, are working around the clock to bring you up to date news on Kingdom Hearts 2's status. So check back frequently and we hope that this news has brought you extreme joy. Also, be sure to post your comments in the forums. As for now... KH2 is official!

(this post will be updated if any further information is acquired)

The Ansem Report, News Correspondant

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Well for you KH lovers out there, prepare for a sequel that is in production already and SQ-E is expected to show a concept version of KH2 at the Tokyo Game show next month aswell as FF12.

08-27-2003, 10:11 PM

I would've loved Kingdom Hearts, had Square not imported Final Fantasy characters there..

Call it odd, crazy, whatever. I just think it's...kind of dumb...to not only import characters, but to modify some of them (like Selphie or Tidus for example..little annoying kids. wtf?). Not only are new gen gamers (I'm directing this to the youngin's) getting a wrong idea of where these characters were originally from, but they don't even know their original looks either. This bothers me, for one day I shall be talking to a kid and he says, "Hey, y'know Tidus, one of the kids from the game Kingdom Hearts! Isn't he great?!" It would bring a tear to my eye...and probably to the kid's as well, as I'd smack him for saying that.

This is a really stupid reason to dislike the game, I know. I'm very odd and weird.

basically, what I'm trying to say is..."Dangit Square...why..? :( "

And even moreso for FF12..if they're doing it like they did with FFX...I cry..I cry hard. Square pretty much died when they even brought up the idea of "Online FF"...in my opinion, anyway.

08-29-2003, 08:55 PM

yes KH 2 !

that's very good news,i hope it will be like the secret ending of KH,where you see some lovely scenes :D

good news indeed

08-30-2003, 02:02 AM
yes this indeed is good news, maybe some new FF guys added in there also

Nanaki XIII
09-27-2003, 08:43 AM
They say the KH for GBA is gonna be the direct sequel to KH1 and KH2 for PS2 will follow the GBA one. That makes me mad, I want KH2 to follow KH1, i dont wanna go buy a GBA to follow the story.

Info was found at ps2.ign.com

10-14-2003, 05:55 AM
Don't buy a GBA then, download a GBA emulator and the KH2 rom. But remember, delete the rom within 24 hours ;) or it is illegal unless you own the original game.