02-28-2012, 09:43 AM
Looking for players to join me on Cerberus Server level 1-70 If you are new I can get you a world pass.

[Step 1] The inviting party purchases a Gold World Pass. (That would be me)
[Step 2] The inviting party gives his/her friend the Gold World Pass.
[Step 3] The friend creates a character using the Gold World Pass and you're set to go!

Gold World Pass
A Gold World Pass is a 10-digit password that allows players to invite their friends to join their adventures in the same World while receiving an added incentive. They may be purchased in-game for 1000 gil and the term of validity is seven days (Earth time).
Once you have given a Gold World Pass to one of your friends, all that remains is for that friend to enter the password on the character creation screen when first creating a FINAL FANTASY XI character.
A Gold World Pass can only be used once. Thus, if a player wishes to invite multiple friends to play FINAL FANTASY XI, a Gold World Pass must be purchased for each friend.

02-28-2012, 10:17 AM
Moved this to the FFXI section as you've seemed to have confused your Roman numerals. ;)

Most of the old Shrine FFXI players were on Cerberus many years ago, but as far as I'm aware they've all long since left the game and the forum (I play on Quetzalcoatl myself).

Anyway, welcome to the Shrine! :)