04-29-2012, 07:26 AM
If you are like me then you plan on eventually having one really good monster for every role, all of which are DLC characters.

Currently we have:

Commandos - Omega, Amodar, Typhon, Gilgamesh. The next commando will be Snow.
Ravagers - Lightning. The next two ravagers will be Valfodr and most likely Lightning in her Valkyrie outfit will be a ravager.
Saboteur - Jihl Nabaat
Synergist - Sazh, Ultros
Medic - UFO/PuPu
Sentinel - None

But what else will there be? Will we see characters such as the four fiends from FF4? How about Shinryu from FF5? Kaiser Dragon from FF6? Will we see any Human heroes and villains from any of the games that aren't XIII?

What monsters, if they were to become DLC, would you go out of your way to get into your team in XIII-2? What role do you think they will end up being?