Nostalgia gamer
04-30-2012, 10:01 PM
This is based on my own personal opinion,and i am open to discuss.

Everquest was my first game,followed by laprision,and followed later by ultima online in 2003.
I continued to play laprision because it was so cheap,and i could keep playing as long as i wanted.I eventually got bored and quit,and my time expired.
I kept on with everquest again till about 2007,and i then played wow till 2009,when i got hacked and quit.
In between 2005-2009,i played runescape on and off.I had a membership account once,and i also stopped playing and allowed the account to expire.I was also given a free account by someone with a few months,and i played till i had about 1 month or less to expire,and then i left.Before that,i played adventure quest.I never continued to play,because i found it to be a pretty bad game.
Free games:I can't remember all of them off my head,but i can name a few:Ogre island:I haven't played tis game a lot,because the game has horrible gameplay,and bad graphics.I played games from byond,but those are even worse.Byond games have even worse graphics,and the worse crowd of people.Adventure quest i played around,and sherwood forest i think its called,which is a free 3d perspective mmorpg.

Now that you know my history as a player of mmorpgs,i can start on the reviews:


This game came out in 1997-1998 i think.It first started as a beta in the late 90's,and became official eventually.It was good during the kunark expansion,and the luclin.I didn't like it during the later years,because people became too materialistic,and stopped actually caring about having fun.I too was affected by this,and ended up wanting stuff too much.During oow,people became absolute dicks,and even though the gameplay was great fun,the actual people were such assholes on my server.Ayonae ro were less obsessive about raids,but kanebayle server,which was antonius bayle and kanebayle server fused,plus possibly others,had so many assholes.It was the only server i could go,because it was a european server.When people also left,things became more complicated.Trying to get enough people to actually do stuff,was very very hard.Pvp was a piece of shit in tis game,and only people who benefited,were the best geared tanks.I saw a friggin sk kill everybody,and nobody could bring down that guy.

Tutorial system:9.0
Overall Score:9.5

World of warcraft:I really really like wow a lot as well.In terms of pve,i had more fun in everquest,but i liked the pvp more in wow.The people also seemed nicer on the pvp server i was on,but i heard about some server having assholes.
I never had much trouble at all actually,and i usually went around starting pvp matches with random people.The leveling,was pretty boring if there wasn't pvp matches around.It was more exciting to be in a dangerous zone all alone,wondering if the next corner will have some alliance member waiting to kill you.Later on,they made that pointless,because they put in battleground,and that absolutely killed world pvp.World pvp for me,was the most fun part.Because of the stupid nerfing and buffing to balance the game around pvp,the game became broken sometimes,to the point of insanity.Warlocks at one point,went from being ridiculously overpowered,to ridiculously underpowered.I couldn't win much without hiding behind someone's back to cast dots.If not,they mercilessly wail on me and kill me,without me being able to retaliate,and that is bullshit.Also:Wow has really good customer service.When i got hacked,they were very polite and acted immediately.

8.0 Gameplay with pvp,because of the annoying balancing around pvp
crowd:9.0:The people were always pretty nice to me
Tutorial system:9.0
Overall score:9.0

Runescape:Runescape is one of those games that is only fun if you are a member,and the game is very very repetitive.
The gameplay is fun at first,because you can actually take a break from fighting,and go do something else,like farming or fishing or cooking.What i don't like,is some of the quests that are required to do some of the skill ups.On the other hand,i also think that the game should have been either:Completely free,or completely pay to play.Considering the staff it has to make this game,and the amount of hours pouring in to add new content,i think that they should have made it only pay to play,and actually add new staff to improve the game in some areas.For instance:There are a ton of people who are botters,and go around auto farming stuff.This seriously hurts the game,because prices go way too low,due to them being far too common.Another issue,is that the game has serious drawback with the pve/pvp content.Some people love the pvp,but i hate it.It encourages people to lure/kill people,and steal all their loot.It encourages negative behavior that otherwise hurts the game.Another problem,is that because of pvp,the drop rates were lowered in pve.I think that this is terrible design.The music and graphics are also absolutely atrocious.

Tutorial system:7.0
Overal score:5.0

Ultima Online:

Gameplay is interesting in this game.Its one of the most different games i have played of the bunch.You don't need to fight to be a smith,and you can select a smith as an actual class.
This is also one of those games,where you make your own class,and you can change it to meet the requirements to survive.The people are also very helpful,and in fact:The most friendly and helpful people i have ever seen in a game.One of the interesting things,is that you can actually have a dragon,and a house of your own.You can even own your own guild hall,with a library.This game is also terribly unforgiving to new players.Dying without insurance,means you lose all your items,and this might suck for new players.I don't remember any music in this game,or tutorial,so its nil in both.The pvp was pretty challenging,while also fun at the same time.I saw a guy who used magic,who couldn't be killed.The guy literally killed both me and my friend,till i finally started to learn his trick.

Tutorial system:5.0
Total score:9.0

Laprision:This game came out in between the late 90,and early 2000 something.

It is a spanish game,so most of you would have never heard of it.The game revolves around being in a prison,and you have to find a way to break out.You join a clan and start fights with people in a gang warfare.This game was pretty easy,and boring at the same time,while the pvp people were a bit unpleasant,if any because they were pvpers.The pvpers were supposed to be unpleasant to provoke you to kill them.Like wow,there are classes that hard con each other.The only problem,was that the drug dealers were brokenly op,and could literally beat anyone.I had 2 high lvl chars:corrupt politician,and a mercenary.My mercenary was around lvl 134,and my politician was around lvl 115.Max lvl was around 150.The gang warfare,is what kept the game interesting,not the pve,and in fact:Everything was about pvp.I actually liked the pvp in this game quite a bit.There is literally no reason to play tis game anymore though,because frankly:It was good in 2000,but that game never changed.

Tutorial system:0.0

Total score:5.0