05-02-2012, 06:34 AM
Hello everyone,

I don't mean to spam here, but I thought some members around here would like to check out a website my buddy, blustrkr, is working on. It's called byte1ife.

"While still in its beta stage, byte1ife is essentially a matchmaking service for gamers. Ever purchase a new game but not know anyone else that plays it? This site - once complete - will solve that problem. You can also list your collection of games and find other gamers with similar tastes. Aside from these features, byte1ife hosts a soon-to-be thriving forum community. Many more significant features are on the way, but I don't want to mention them until they're at least close to complete."

Here's some screenshots:

So check it out. Off your suggestions. Add some games to the index. Write a review of a game. Join the forum. Eat shoelaces...?