05-13-2012, 11:09 AM
Hello gamers,

I began on this forum a long time ago, since then I havent revisited much BUT I did today have thoughts about the largest group of Final Fantasy fans I know of, you guys :)

So a while back I created a video series on Youtube, it was a minor success compared to my other endevours, so today I thought I would share the playlist to the 5 episodes with you guys, I worked incredibly hard on this series and hopefully it will show via how professional it is.

I wont be dropping this link and then walking away, I will return and I am hoping you guys will really love what you see and I would very much like to hear your thoughts!

Link: A History Of Final Fantasy - YouTube (

I will post this thread in one other area, I hope you dont think I am spamming!

The Honest Gamer.

05-18-2012, 11:48 PM
Okay, I just finished watching through all five episodes, and I must admit, I enjoyed watching it. :) It was well written and, most importantly, objective. Each game was given equal coverage and their good and bad points scrutinized without letting personal opinions influence it.

Apart from some minor research errors (like moogles actually first appearing in FFIII and not V as stated (also not including their proto-appearence as 'beavers' in FFII!), and some minor pronunciation mistakes, like pronouncing 'Spira' incorrectly to how it's mentioned in FFX itself), the only criticism I can give on this was for the first episode, of which a few sentences in the introduction coverage about the series's origins seemed to have been lifted straight from Wikipedia. Also I felt it was a bit unfair to simply mention FFVII's Compilation titles in passing (mediocre they may be) in the third episode, while devoting whole sections in detail to FFX-2 and XIII-2 in the fourth and fifth episodes.

Other than that, this was done very well and I would definitely recommended it to someone just becoming interested in the series. Well done! :D

05-21-2012, 02:44 PM
Just watched them all, great videos, just a couple of fact hiccups but other then that really awesome videos :)

05-21-2012, 05:36 PM
I am not sure what i expected, but looking at some minuts of episode... 3.. I think last time, I was disappointed.
while others here appreciate that you were objective and full of facts, this, I think was what put me off.
put harshly: felt like a bunch of trivia. oh, graphics got better. oh, backstory. and what cid is.
that last bit was, I think, revealing: there does not seem to be any specific significance to the character other than the fact that someone will have that name (and it's maybe someone who flies!?) But how is that interesting?

I missed a personal perspective from what I glimpsed: why is FF special, or is it? An inkling was the discussion of all the character substories for FF6, which could be a differentiating point form other RPGs - but is it? I do not know that many.
How does the evolution of the fight system related to the competition's?

Again, maybe this is unfair, as A) I only watched a bit and B) You can consider me chiding it for not being what I want it to.
But go read some old-style literary critique, or just a peanut3423 Video like this
Top Ten Saddest Video Game Moments Part 2 (4-1) - YouTube (
where for four games, it is exactly analysed why these events feel like the "saddest video game moments" to the guy. The style is less objective, and maybe takes some patience for that. But it is rewarding.
I was hoping for something like that, I guess, given you had fifty (?) minutes in all to talk about FiFa.

just my 5c