05-27-2012, 05:58 AM

I am happy to see the forums up and running again.

In an effort to fulfill a personal desire to write effectively about the magic of final fantasy 7's OST, I am casting this signal as a request for any members of the forum who are willing to participate in a survey. The contents of the survey have to do with the subjective experience of FF7 OST music and should not require more than thirty minutes of your time. If you are willing and interested in participating, please reply here or send me a PM with a simple confirmation. The word "yes" would do just fine.

Furthermore, if there are any members of this website who have been particularly touched by the OST and are also knowledgeable about music, I am looking for some assistance in the comparative musicology arena. Again, feel free to pm if this is of interest to you.


05-27-2012, 09:33 PM
Hey Nike,

The project is a combination of study into musical semiotics (the way that meaning is created through language) and music therapy. The therapeutic side is grounded in Jungian theories of Self, Consciousness, and the Unconscious. However, the research element that I'm seeking participation for is strictly on the basis of individual perceptions of the game music and doesn't require any knowledge of or belief in psychological theories. Here are some sample questions:

1) Of the 85 songs from the FF7 OST, which character theme was your favorite. If you have more than one favorite, list them all.
2) For each of your favorite character theme(s), describe in a few sentences the associations you have with the music. They can be personal (your own emotional response), game--associative (memorable moments from the game), concept-associative (things that the music makes you think of, unrelated to the game), or anything else that comes up for you.
3) Do these character themes remind you of any other music you have heard before that is similar? If so, can you remember the name and composer of that music?

It carries on like this for 10 questions.

Again, I welcome anyone who is willing and interested in contributing to send me a private message or leave a reply here on the forum.

Thanks for your interest Nike :)

05-27-2012, 09:47 PM
Yes, I will send you the questions this afternoon. To answer your question, the work will be published in an upcoming book on the subject, though the identity of participants will remain completely confidential.