01-18-2004, 02:49 PM
Hey, I was wondering if it is possible to get 90 three stars and 90 wings to discovery? I currently have 30 of each (through beating the chocobo mini-game) and I need 90 to give my three main characters break-HP and break-MP. Any help would be much appreciated~

Vivi FF
01-18-2004, 04:38 PM
Yeah you can get 30+ of those items, just not through the Chocobo Racing anymore. You could bribe and steal those items from other monsters.

Here I've compile some FAQ's together to help you out

Wings to Discovery*
Usage- 30 for Break HP Limit in armor
- 50 for Triple AP in weapon
Steal- N/A
S. Rare- N/A
Drop- Shinryu (Monster Arena)
D. Rare- N/A
Bribe- Marlboro [x4 for 540,000 gil]** (Calm Lands, Cavern of the Stolen Fayth)
- Great Marlboro [x8 for 1,280,000 gil] (Inside Sin, Omega Ruins)
* 30 for geting 3 chests at chocobo racing
** Best bribing deal

Three Stars*
Usage- MP cost equals 0 for all characters
- 30 for Break MP Limit in armor
- 20 for One MP Cost in weapon
- 5 to teach an aeon Doublecast
Steal- N/A
S. Rare- Jormungand (Monster Arena)
- Shinryu (Monster Arena)
Drop- Catableplas (Monster Arena)
D. Rare- N/A
Bribe- Behemoth King [x14 for 1,350,000 gil] (Inside Sin)
* 60 for catching atleast one of every fiend in two different areas
* 60 for geting 5 chests at chocobo racing (very hard task to do)

To obtain these items, you're going to have to obtain a load of gil to bribe for them. I say it's easier to get the 60 TS from monster catching, and then beat Shinryu (if you're strong enough) over and over agin for the WtD.