06-21-2012, 01:33 AM
I had yet to play Tactics Ogre but I just got to wonder about the Lucavi being in the game. The game could had been a little longer but I felt that the Lucavi weren't really necessary to the plot at all. I pretty much enjoyed the politics and intrigue in the game but the Lucavi demons pretty much felt out of place in the story even if they are only using the Zodiac stones as conduit. Could FFT work without the Lucavi and St. Ajora?

06-21-2012, 06:11 PM
It would be a One-Sided Story if it didn't have the Lucavi & the St. Ajora.

You see, the game has 2 stories that connect each other and has 2 POV's.

Ramza, which is the POV that serves as proxy for the Player as well. And it's the side of the story that resolves the Supernatural aspect of the storyline, the stuff that happens beyond the curtains.

The Other POV is the One of Delita that it's related with all the Political Intrigue and Civil War.

The only real issue I have with FFT Storyline is that there's no clear intention or reasons of why resurrect St. Ajora. and it's seems a little bit of cop out that the justifiaction of the Templar Knights to orchestrate the events is because they need absurdly amounts of bloodshed in order to succeed in performing the ritual for the resurrection.

I don't feel these elements out of place. But I find it a bit dissapointing how the final revelation was handled. But what can I say. Flaws are expected to be found. And these kind of things are common coin in JRPG's. Half way to the game you're dropped into a quest of saving the world by a ridiculous plot twist.

I Love FFT all the same. There's a lot of Depth on the Characters and Themes that the game touches. And save for that thing. The Storyline is still fucking Brilliant.

06-22-2012, 11:31 PM
Topo basically summed it up, but also from I understood the whole idea of the Lucavi was that they were the real string pullers behind the War of the Lions (namely, they wanted to resurrect their leader, Altima (Ultima in the PSP remake) who was last trapped in the body of St Ajora thousands of years before FFT's time, ironically enough. The only way they could do that was to gather all the Zodiac Stones to transfer Altima's soul into the body of a suitable host - which was chosen to be Alma Beoulve. Besides Altima's resurrection, the Lucavi also gained the ability to come and go between the mortal realm and the spirit realm at will without requiring the use of their Zodiac Stones to summon them so for them it served a dual purpose.

The various waring factions used this is as a convenient means at trying to seize the throne of Ivalice as well - the 'true' reason behind the War of the Lions, so technically, it was a mutually 'beneficial' arrangement to both sides.).

The idea of the Zodiac Braves was given further embellishment in the PSP remake in order to tie it into the 'Ivalice Alliance' games (especially FFXII), by making them the ultimate form the Espers took (the Zodiac Stones were actually their Glyph Crystals from FFXII) - something that was never mentioned in the original FFT.

06-24-2012, 12:11 AM
I feel the opposite even if it is a JRPG cliche, I feel as though that they could had stuck with somehting else other than the Lucavi plot. Although I do agree that they needed some justification as to why they needed to do this to revive Ajora.