06-26-2012, 11:43 AM
No Final Fantasy VII Remake Until Original Has Been Topped -- Square Enix CEO -- (

While I know many of you people will disagree. That Squeenix already did something better than FFVII after that game.

With an Objective and Businessman's Mind. I think Wada got it perfectly right. And gave the best answer to silence the Fanboys.


06-26-2012, 01:08 PM
I'd actually wanna see a remake, but his answer is perfect. I mean if they cannot top a game from 1997, why continue being a company?

06-26-2012, 05:57 PM
Oh well, I guess we're not going to get a remake then. XD

While I think it's good that Wada is telling the development teams to get their heads out of their asses and work harder to make better games, how do you measure something like "better-ness"? Sales figures? Reviews? Personally I prefer VIII and X to VII but that's all subjective opinion. I think, actually, that the fact that people want a remake dates the game--that is, shows its age--whereas I can pick up FFVIII and X and still be satisfied with the graphics (and remember that VIII was only released a year after VII). Also, you have to take into account the fact that FFVII completely revolutionized the RPG playing field by changing the layout completely from a 2D world to a 3D one. I don't think that's something that's realistically possible to do anymore. So the goal that Wada's setting, to out-do a game that completely changed everything, is just not reasonable. Unless they update the graphics to the point at which they're indistinguishable from real people.

This is just my opinion, but honestly I think they should leave FFVII alone. A remake would in all likelihood not live up to the original, as S-E would be catering to the cosplaying-lollicon-fanboys rather than the diehard original fans. If they do prepare FFVII for a remake, I think the only change should be in enhancing the graphics, not giving the characters voices or adding pointless minigames, etc.

06-26-2012, 08:56 PM
I'd personally don't want to see a Remake. Maybe in the Past I would've liked to see a Remake. But After seeing the Compilation Titles, the movie and the OVA, I've completely lost the interest. Mainly because they are the Antithesis of how I perceive the Original FFVII and if that's the FF7 that Square comes up with I would RAGE.

I don't think it's actually that hard to measure the quality of the post VII games when you compare them. It all comes down to what the game did right and what it did wrong.

Every FF after 7 got it right on the graphics on the technical level.

But 8 got it wrong on the battle system that it's virtually broken, you can finish the game with all of your characters in lvl 1 if you managed to combine your stats with the correct spells, and it's really easy to unlock the final weapons and limit breaks. The Storyline is just confusing and doesn't make much sense. But you have Rinoa X Squall to distract you and oblige you to forget what's happening in the story. And the Reveal of Villain is just down right silly. As was the "Development" Relationship between the aformetioned characters.

9 Got the problem that it's has a very slow engine for the battles. The Skill System is downright Grindtastic. The main cast got characters that are literally fillers and quite unlikeable. The Art design, if you're not into the Chibi and Furry like creatures, it will turn to be disgusting. And the Storyline drops the ball around Disc 2.

I haven't played 10 or 10-2, but I watched reviews with footage of the game included and all I can say is that the issue with that game is the Main Cast (Specially Tidus & Riku) and it's confusing Narrative. But I take this with tweezers, I haven't really played them. And I'm not really interested.

12 issue is it's Narration Pacing more than anything and it's almost inexistent exposition, it requires some real effort to really get the full picture on it's storyline because you need to do a lot of deciphering and read a lot of entries that speak of it's lore. If you can get past that barriers, it's a rewarding experience IMO of the main series it has the most fleshed out world. The other issue with 12 is that many people have been put off by the battle system that seemed more like a combination of WRPG with MMO and JRPG.
And many people didn't actually get how to use the Gambit System properly in order to have fun with it. Hence they wrongly accuse the game that it plays itself and I say wrongly because even if you have a great gambit set up you still will need manual imput given a desperate situation. And if you go to explore the rest of the game and fight the superbosses, you can kiss your sorry ass goodbye if you let "The game play itself". It does not work that way people.

Personally I think that 12 has the ultimate JRPG battle system, it has the depth much needed in the genre and I like it more than 7. But if I were to tell you which one is the better game I would still answer you that it's 7.

Well 13 it's been the topic of the discussion all over the forum, I don't own a last generation console so I virtually don't know anything about the game. Only that it looks a lot like 10.

So you see VII got it right in almost every aspect. Maybe except for it's Translation. Surely each FF in it's own right did something better than 7 in a specific aspect (Like the World of XII, it feels a lot more Fleshed out). But in terms of balance, VII is still the better game. Beyond people's tastes. The flaws of VII are not that notable. Obviously you need to contextualize yourself in the release date of every game.

The Battle system is fun, quick, intuitive, customizable: Breakable only if you went to get the secret ultra summons/spells/weapons, which are not that easy to get when you compare it to 8.
The Story is good all in all, it touches some interesting themes, there's emotional investment and it's pacing narrative is good.
The Cast of characters are at least likeable.
Then it's the Sales, reviews, the reception in general like you mentioned.

What killed Final Fantasy VII is it's Brainless and Raging Fanboys. To the point that it created an Equally hateful hatedom of Haters.

When you complete that circle it tells you that the game needs to be left alone forever. And that's the reason I agree so much with Wada. Making a VII remake right now will virtually kill the franchise, because the company couldn't come up with something to satisfy the kraken of fandom that the game generated back in the day. All we got is a bunch of spin off sequels/prequels of games that are horrendous and contradict a lot of the original title. A fucking silly Movie Sequel and a decent OVA. And this created a lot more of the hatred towards VII from part of the Hardcore fans of the series and some of the people that legitimately liked VII for what it was.

Wada knows that they cannot touch that game anymore, at least for a looooooooooooooooong time. And He gave the best possible answer to silence the intorelable fanboys.

06-27-2012, 12:15 AM
This is just my opinion, but honestly I think they should leave FFVII alone. A remake would in all likelihood not live up to the original, as S-E would be catering to the cosplaying-lollicon-fanboys rather than the diehard original fans. If they do prepare FFVII for a remake, I think the only change should be in enhancing the graphics, not giving the characters voices or adding pointless minigames, etc.

Also, the tone color of the instruments in the compositions would have to be updated. Some of those pieces are hard to listen to due to the screechy fake instruments (most notably "Flowers blooming in the church." Ick)

07-19-2012, 08:02 AM
if they were actually smart they would bring in some die hard jrpg fans in, and let them talk, tell them what would make there next game awesome as apple pie in vanilla ice cream...yeah thats mcflurry big awesome square jrpg.... APPLE MCFLURRY lol

Actually they could probably solve alot of problems if they just logged onto any of these fan sites and do a little reading...

although i did read that the reason the last 2 final fantasy's blew was because they were way over staffed with great programmers that all wanted to do different things ...and had no communication at all... so maybe the talents there at square still, they just need to be a family an work together....example of what the sanfrancisco 49ers did last year...square enix is a team they need to work together..that is thje reason they cant make great games anymore....not including deus ex because they didnt really make that..... honestly i think they should team up with the people that made the game lost oddesey for x box 3 60, let the makers of that take care of the battle system an squeenix do the rest

09-16-2012, 03:54 PM
at current I have seen the game franchise me they had it right X they had stunning graphics an of course better hardware...but the game was missing something, felt as though it had a huge hole... one thing I missed was the "world map" but this trend continues, the formula of run,fight,cinema,run, run, fight, boss, cinema...isn't working for me at all. If they did a remake. The only thing they would have to do is give it Advent Children graphic styles, change the music from chip tune to full orchestral ensemble, Zack's flash back pepper with Crisis Core and Before Crisis cinema, and maybe a little Vincent back story using Dirge of Cerberus...just a thought

10-02-2012, 07:01 AM
if final fantasy 10 tops it maybe they will see that a remake is what they lets hope 10 sells like crazy when its released i know damn well thats the only reson i bot a ps vita the other day...didnt even purchase anygames jus paitently waiting for its release...