06-29-2012, 11:45 AM
So... for the past couple of days I have been messing around with mugen, but something puzzles the fuck out of me,
WHERE THE FUCK IS EVERYTHING? what? No one else who uses mugen has said anything about this, so after looking for hours for characters, stages, and not to
mention, (and probably the most elusive of them all.) SCREENPACKS, I thought I should, you know... speak up or something.

Its as if almost anything related to mugen that seems promising just doesn't exist anymore. I want to get into this, not so much that its SERIOUS BUSINESS
but as something to mess with, as I am learning how to make games and the inner workings of this engine may help with that.
So far I have only downloaded some decent street fighter characters, and a couple stages, but like I said, almost everything I want to download for this leads
to a broken link, a 404, or some other mugen website that doesn't have ANYTHING I am looking for, just more of the same bullshit.

I still want to keep trying instead of giving up, and maybe learn how to make my own stuff for this, but if ANY mugen guys are here, let me know what I should do
with this, because I know I must be missing something. Also, if you happen to hate mugen, (like I am about to) please do not rage or anything. I hear you street fighter fans
don't like mugen all that much.