06-30-2012, 09:42 PM
My friend and I have been having arguments about some games and I want to know what everyone else thinks about my choices compared to his�

1. Mario or Sonic
2. Little big planet (1&2) or Minecraft
3. Zelda or call of duty
4. Pong or FIFA
5. Dark souls or Skyrim

My choices were
#1 mario because it's just a classic everyone has to love mario.
#2 LBP it's not as big as Minecraft but you can do so much more on LBP then you can on Mindcraft such as build rocket ships and flying dragons with ice cream cones shooting out of its eyes!
#3 zelda because you cant get cooler than link.
#4 pong�� really its like the first game out of corse I would pick that
#5 Dark souls mainly because you can chose to play with other people and after you beat the game it gets harder and harder.
Now I need you guys to either help me or prove me wrong!

07-01-2012, 12:19 AM
Very curious if you're the same jeremy that used to come here.

09-04-2012, 10:54 AM
1. Mario i guess but i do play sonic as well but leaning towards mario for now
2. Little Big Planet, since i never played minecraft before.
3. Zelda no doubt, dun like to play FPS games that much especially call of duty series
4. Pong coz i use to own a variant of a pong console. and FIFA? pfft
5. Skyrim is better for me since i play mostly single player, dark souls with multiplayer stuffs i just dun get it. I agree skyrim is easier then dark souls tho.

09-04-2012, 12:23 PM
Very curious if you're the same jeremy that used to come here.

I was gonna ask the same thing.

And regarding the original question, I'm not even sure why we're comparing most of these games. Mario and Sonic or Dark Souls and Skyrim I can understand, but Zelda and CoD? Minecraft and LBP? Pong and FIFA?????? What's the point of comparing these?

09-07-2012, 05:43 AM
1. Mario because Sonic hasn't had a good game made since before the Dreamcast and Mario still has good games made regularly. Also, Sonic always had an annoying personality even when he barely had one. Mario still barely has one, which has kept him from developing the kind of horrifying fan base that Sonic has attracted.

2. I don't know man, I don't play video games. But I'm betting on LBP because I've seen some hilarious reviews explaining how much of a piece of shit Minecraft is and they sounded awfully convincing. That said, a lot of people seem to really enjoy it, so who knows.

3. You're the one saying Zelda, right? Right? Good. Tell your friend he is a stupid piece of shit and then stop hanging out with him.

4. So the first game ever is better than another game because it was the first game? That's kind of a dumb thing to say, man. FIFA's the obvious choice here given that it involves some amount of thought, strategy, and skill. Nobody plays Pong competitively. There is a reason for that.

5. I have never played either of these but I'd bet on Dark Souls because from what I hear Skyrim just takes everything I didn't like about Oblivion and amplifies it. These games are basically "walk around and look at/find things" simulators. At least Fallout 3 was a dedicated homage, which made the exploration pleasant and even thrilling for me at times. Anyway, from what I hear Dark Souls is a challenging game, which probably puts it ahead of Skyrim all alone.

09-14-2012, 09:05 AM
The only one I played is Call of Duty. The original game was superb but now the franchise has been milked to death :(

09-14-2012, 09:16 AM
1. Super Mario (3 and 64)
2. LittleBigPlanet (1, 2 and PS Vita)
3. Zelda (1, A Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time)
4. FIFA (I suck at Pong and FIFA '98 had the best intro ever with Song 2 by Blur)
5. Twinkies (with chocolate milk. I have the munchies)

09-14-2012, 09:42 AM
1. Mario or Sonic
Mario series has been better overall, but I still have some MAJOR love for older Sonic games.

2. Little big planet (1&2) or Minecraft
LBP, MC is kind of boring to me.

3. Zelda or call of duty
Apples and almonds.
LoZ has some MASSIVE nostalgia for me, but so does the 'before EA fucked it up' CoD.

4. Pong or FIFA
They're both boring.

5. Dark souls or Skyrim
Apples and oranges.
Dark Souls is all about 3rd-Person action with strategic thinking.

Skyrim is all about the walking.

09-15-2012, 03:54 PM
none of those games are very good

10-08-2012, 09:09 AM
please do not put zelda and call of duty in the same sentence ever again....what you really meant is whats better medal of honor or call of duty? and maybe whats better zelda or final fantasy?............any ways i evenly like both zelda and call of duty franchise, but u can't compare zelda to call of duty, they both stimulate a different part of the brain!!!!haha true story...

1.Sonic because it was a real challange trying to fly threw each level without hitting a single wall spike or getting hit by them dang bee's. and the intense countdown that starts right when you dont bounce on the right spot of the springs when ur underwater and as it speeds up u keep trying an mashing the jump button trying to get out of the water to get air haha

2.never played either...gave up 8 bit gaming , little big planet looks cooler and sounds cooler, and i remember seeing final fantasy characters in it so theres brownie points

3.they were both great games..

4. and for the record somebody said pong dont take any brainthought, i disagree unless im thinking of a different game each level the pong will start to go faster, get to a high enouph level an u will be pushing up and down 6+ x a second. atari was all about reflexes..still fifa is the obvious choice here.

5.Devil may cry