Nostalgia gamer
08-19-2012, 08:48 AM
I went to t gagazet, and the robots and the purple yeti kick my ass.I managed to get up to 130k gil, and a bunch of xp, but its quite annoying, especially confuse status.I don't like those ghosts in the orator cave.They give lousy gil an xp.Trying to hold off on magic urn enemies, especially since i don't have many elixirs.I also don't remember tonberries giving such massive xp.1 kill gave me over 9k xp, but slightly.He isn't too bad to kill either.He has 10k hp, and i do up to 3k with tidus, 3.3k with auron.The stupid thing is, i initiated a boss fight with yojimbo, and died.Someone appears, and summons yojimbo.I couldn't even get an attack in.Oh yeah, death + And petrify+ work great at gagazet.Too bad i can't go to the calm lands to farm petrify grenades.The big purple yeti and machines are weak against petrification.Mostly grinding to make seymour easier.

Nostalgia gamer
08-20-2012, 06:12 PM
The guy who thought up created the chocobo racing game should be sent to the nazi death camp.Oh boy do i hate racing.Its more annoying than blitzball.Stupid homicidal birds homing on you, and smacking you, sending me into a fit of rage.I wish i had a hunting rifle to show these bastards who is boss.The maneuvering is terrible too.I have to swerve, because for some reason, chocobos can't run straight.

08-20-2012, 06:57 PM
I think it's pretty much agreed upon that the chocobo racing is the worst minigame in FFX. In blitzball, you could give yourself a sporting chance by recruiting better players and learning new abilities. In the butterfly catching stage, someone generously created a map that showed the path you're supposed to run. Hell, even the 200 lightning bolt dodging was a piece of cake (all you have to do is equip enc-none weapon or armor and go to the bottom portion of the map above Rin's Travel Agency and the pattern is easy to memorize).

But the chocobo racing is ungodly. The best you can hope to do is read a good strategy guide and try your best. My tip is to use the D-pad instead of the analog stick and, well, don't get discouraged. The first few races are annoying but possible. The second to last is pretty hard and takes a lot of doing and re-doing to get it right. The final race throws a random assortment of balloons in the path, so the best way to get 0:0.0 (if that's what you're aiming for) is to keep racing until you get a ton of balloons on the first stretch and then try really hard not to get hit by too many birds.

Nostalgia gamer
08-21-2012, 12:18 PM
I beat the chocobo racing game, but i didn't get the crest from zanarkand.Now i have to somehow kill dark bahamut, the dark aeon.I keep running into dark aeons.I think that i will never do this game again.I also found a piece of armor that makes her immune to fire ice and lightning.