08-20-2012, 04:27 AM
Hi everyone :)

I've noticed lately there's been some people asking about adding specialty sections for the various new FF games and spinoffs coming out which aren't yet covered by their own forum. However, because the FF section of the Forum doesn't get an awful lot of interest, this would be wasteful and not really worth adding at the present time. Hence, this section will suffice for this type of discussion for the foreseeable future.

Accordingly, if you want to post about any of these new, upcoming or planned FF games and direct spinoffs, feel free to post them in this section:

FFXV (formerly known as FF Versus XIII) and any other title, game or media in the Final Fantasy XV Universe compilation series such as FFXV Kingsglaive, FFXV Brotherhood and A King's Tale - unless it is decided to add a new section for these games/titles
FF Tactics, Tactics Advance, Tactics A2, The Lion War and any of the other Ivalice Alliance games other than FFXII and XII: Revenant Wings (these two later games have their own forum)
The Crystal Chronicles series and it's tie-ins
FF Mystic Quest
The Dissidia games, including Theaterrhythm
Chocobo series games, like Chocobo Racing
The CG theatrical film FF The Spirits Within
Any Fabula Nova Crystallis title (ala, FF Agito and FF Type 0), other than FFXIII, XIII-2, and Lightning Returns: FFXIII (XIII, 13-2 and LR:FFXIII go in the FFXIII section) - unless Neg decides that it's okay to be posted in FFXIII Discussion ;)
Any FF anime (ala, FF Unlimited and FF The Legend of the Crystals), other than the FFVII-related titles Last Order and On the Way to a Smile: Case of Denzel (which go in the FFVII Compilation section) - this includes the new FFXV tie-in anime features Kingsglaive and Brotherhood that have been released in tandem with the main game as previously mentioned
FF The Four Warriors of Light and it's sequel Bravely Default: Flying Fairy
The recent mobile 'social' games for smartphones like FF Airborne Brigade, FF Dimensions and FF All the Bravest
FFXVI (currently rumoured and vaguely referenced by SE), and any possible future or hypothetical titles in the series, such as Agni's Philosophy

Discussion for the Chrono series games (Chrono Trigger/Chrono Cross) and the Mana series titles however should go in Role Playing Discussion, not General FF, as they are not part of the FF series, despite certain ties/references to it (this includes FF Adventure and the FF Legend games on the Gameboy).

Any discussion for Ehrgeiz should go likewise go in General Gaming, as it's a fighting game.

Finally, any discussion for the Kingdom Hearts series and it's multitude of tie-ins belongs in RPG Discussion, not General FF.

And of course, any discussion related to any other FF game/title which isn't on this list and which doesn't have it's own dedicated forum can go here too. :)

Plus, as always, if you have a question about where a certain topic should go, just ask myself or one of the other mods/admins and we'll decide from there.

It should also go without saying that this forum is still also for general discussion of the FF series not related to a particular title as well.

Anyway, hopefully I haven't droned on too much or made this too confusing. Have fun and enjoy the forum! :)

Note: A new section dedicated to Final Fantasy XIV has been added, so please make all specific discussion related to the original FFXIV (version 1.0), the reboot A Realm Reborn, the first expansion Heavensward, the second expansion Stormblood, and the upcoming third expansion Shadowbringers there. :)