Nostalgia gamer
09-01-2012, 06:11 PM
So i am doing arena fights, and once you do 99.999 per hit, more than a few become really easy.A few are impossible though.There is no way i can kill the gastropod without using zanmato.He has an attack that does 20-30k to all characters with mucus attack.The giant slime keeps killing me with ulrima, and for some weird reason, is weak vs holy.Grand sphere is the most annoying boss.It takes forever to defeat it with counter attacks.Earth eater resembles a bull, and hits really hard, but does 9999 while he falls over, because he casts flare spell.He also takes forever to kill, because he really can take quite a beating.

Now for drops:What is the point in killing both cactaur king and sir tonberry? One thing i can say, is damm some of those resist armors, and stat weapons are nice.Some seem to drop death touch, stone touch, venom touch, and sleepga immunity, or as attacks on a weapon.There are some enemies with reasonable drop rates.There was something i killed twice, and it had dark matter both times.Other times, two enemies can drop friend spheres x2 with over kill.I king malboro drop is pretty good.Stat resist armors+ magic tonic. That big demon who alway casts haste on itself, then firaga/thundaga/blizaga on you in the arena drops 7 farplane winds on overkill.Farming colosus seems pointless unless you are strong enough to kill him without using pheonix downs.It also takes 80 healing springs to make auto regen.

Nostalgia gamer
09-03-2012, 09:48 AM
I killed snelga, but he takes forever to kill.He drops defense spheres i think, or power spheres.Also drops armor with a lot of physical defense.I can't kill shinryu yet, because tidus, wakka and rikku aren't maxed out yet.I want to figure out all abilities, because i can't find the ability yuna is missing, and i want to start adding +4, +40 and +400 in places were i have +1-3, +10-30 and +100-300.To do that though, i need to get 4 of all monsters, so i will unlock nemesis while i'm at it.I don't like the sphere grid.Gettin around gives me a headache.I have to make the camera distance itself so i can see the entire sphere grid, and yuna has less str, and 1 ability short.

Greater sphere isn't that hard, you just got to avoid hitting with all characters, and get counter attack.Counter attacks won't work when he uses haudrolic press, and i'm pretty sure he drops magic power sphere, because he drops elemental weapons, or something with magic power up in the weapon.Its just slow and tedious, so hang in there.I drained his mana, and his counterattack with ultima still works.Shell is very helpfull here.

The giant slime monster, is one of the more annoying ones.You cannot physically hurt it, and sooner or later it casts ultima.One thing screws it over:Osmose.Cast it on him, and only spell he casts is reflect and regen.He hates holy for some reason, but isn't undead.
I hate agile enemies like fenrir and hornet bosses.