12-04-2012, 03:23 AM
I saw that this was FINALLY getting done this Fall but never saw anyone nail down a release date for them (in Japan). I believe the plan is for a North America and EU release I guess sometime in Spring 2013 (that's my guess I have not read as much, only that one was planned for 'sometime' after).

Anyone have some reliable info/updates on the status of this 3rd part (i.e. 3.33, etc)? Do we have any indication of when the US version will premiere?

Thanks for any info, I attemped the search function but I am new to this forum and am not as crafty with the board interface yet so apologies if my lack of search hits/results was bad on my part of how I tried to get info before creating a new thread.

there was also a video about it that got yanked by yt for cr viols. a few others have popped up in recent weeks w supposedly the first six minutes. is this leaked promo?
6 min 38 sec at the beginning Evangelion (

i did see this comment on a recent blog post about it"
"...If the previous Rebuild movies are any indicator, we'll end up having to wait till sometime first quarter 2014 before we even get an official release of 3.0 and of course the many variations such as the inevitable 3.33. Is it really our fault that it would be cheaper for the Japanese to buy the NA release and just watch it in Japanese with subtitles off, than to buy the actual Japanese release?...."

Really 1Q 2014? Isn't that like 4 years between 2.22 and the next part?