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Ultimecia: I am Ultimecia. Time shall compress... ...All existence denied

Time Compression

A complete mystery. Various states of "present" are believed to become

compressed. Sorceress' power from many generations may cross over to give 1

sorceress great strength. No one knows what effect this may have on regular

human beings.

Time Compression is something quite elusive and perhaps beyond our imagination but let's try to imagine it anyway.
let's try to explain what is time compression based on what we see in the game.

Time Compression in reality itself can actually exist according to Laws of Physics.
Like how gravity can bend time and space,time slows down the faster you move,Black hole ect.
Let's try to imagine what it's like to be in a reality/world like that.
What happen to matter and energy in a world like that?

What can Ultimecia accomplished in a world like that?
She said I will reign, and you will be my slaves for eternity
In order to become a slave you(squall) have to exist.
It contradicts to what Rinoa said "She's the only one who would be able to exist in such a world. She, and no other".
So how can we interpret these two notions.
Should we take Ultimecia's words as fact (because She is the who creates Time Compression) and discard Rinoa's words as her own understand of what Time Compression is (Rinoa failed to understand Ultimecia's Mind)
Or should we corroborate them to make a new interpretation.(Let's hear what your opinions about this).

All the events of Time Compression can be seen in disc 4.
From How Ellone Send Ultimecia to the past for Ultimecia to achieved Time Compression - Squall and others go to the future and arrived at Ultimecia Castle(time Travel) -Ultimecia Ultimecia's Final Battle(How time and space being absorbed unto Ultimecia - Rinoa,Quistis,Selphie,Zell,Irvine end up in white void but Squall ends up in dark void, Rinoa's voice can be heard by Squall here (Rinoa:"Squall! Let's go home! Where are you!?") - Squall somehow travel to the past with Ultimecia - Back to dark void again - into nowhere(Final FMV) - Rinoa somehow found Squall and back to their own world again.

What happens to Time Compression after this? Is it over or is it still exist?

If It's over after Squall defeated Ultimecia there's no way Squall and Ultimecia can go back to the past. And there's no way Rinoa can bring Squall Back to their own world.

Perhaps The Power Ellone possessed is part of Time Compression's Existence.
Ellone's Power Exist For Time Compression. Ultimecia is The Catalyst

So I think Time Compression "persists to exist" to become part of Everything Itself.
It's existence cannot be denied - Time Shall Compress - All Existence Denied

12-26-2012, 06:08 AM
Welcome to the forum! :)

Time Compression is exactly what the word says - all states of past, present and future are amalgamated into one infinite state where only Ultimecia can exist as a god/goddess.

However, Time Compression only briefly occurs during the events of the game when Squall and co go through that trippy surreal environment before arriving in the 'future' - as was stated Ellone interfered with the Time Compression magic using her power and caused time to revert to a 'future' state during what she perceived to be Ultimecia's rule. Once Ultimecia was defeated, the Time Compression spell disintegrated, thus causing time to unravel, ultimately back to it's proper form. That's basically it in a nut shell.

08-06-2013, 02:26 PM
Reading through all these threads make me realize that I really need to put FF VIII at the top of my video game priorities. The first time I played it I was too young to comprehend a lot of the concepts, but now I feel ready!