02-18-2013, 09:18 AM

Our names are Basil and Xypher.

Some of you may know us, but for the most part, we aren�t too well known. For a while now, we�ve been making videos of games, such as any other person does. What we strive to do is to create videos that are of good quality that may serve towards your entertainment. Over the years, we have found new methods of creating higher quality videos and have improved over time.

We plan on recording various video games, not just recording games we like, but recording several different genres of games to make our channels on Youtube more diverse and worthwhile of viewing. Our goal is not to become one of those top of the charts Youtube channels. All we want is more recognition in what we do. The more viewers/subscribers we have, the more effort we shall put towards our videos. We just wish to become more well-known in what we do. If you like what we do, give us a like and subscribe to us.

We shall be updating this thread from time to time, posting any projects that we have recently finished, what we are currently working on, and what we predict we shall be doing in the near future. Maybe even later on, we shall be taking requests under consideration if people like what we do.

Anyways here are our channels

BasilZero's YouTube Channel: Basileous Productions - YouTube (
XypherMHT's YouTube Channel: XypherMHT's LP/Playthrough Channel - YouTube (


Here are six playlists each from each of our channels (we have more btw ;p)

BasilZero's YouTube Playlist
-Pokemon White 2 Playthrough: Pokemon White 2 (NDS) - YouTube (
-Chrono Trigger (SNES) Playthrough: Chrono Trigger (SNES) - YouTube (
-Kirby Super Star (SNES) Playthrough: Kirby Super Star (SNES) - YouTube (
-Super Mario Bros 3 (SNES) Playthrough : Super Mario Bros 3 (SNES) - YouTube (
-Lets Play Banjo Kazooie: Lets Play! Banjo Kazooie - YouTube (
-Final Fantasy Series Bosses Collection: Final Fantasy Bosses - YouTube (

XypherMHT's YouTubePlaylist
-Bastion (PC) Playthrough: Bastion (PC) Playthrough - YouTube (
-Cave Story+ (PC) Playthrough: Cave Story+ Playthrough - YouTube (
-Lets Play Black Mesa: Let's Play Black Mesa! - YouTube (
-Lets Play Portal 2 (PC) Co-Op: Let's Play Portal 2 Co-op! - YouTube (
-Lets Play Pikmin (GCN): Let's Play Pikmin! - YouTube (
-Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition (PC) Collection: Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition Gameplay - YouTube (

Here's a list of what we have done, what we are doing and what we will do in the future!

Recently Completed
-Super Mario Bros. 3
-Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland
-Lets Play! Orcs Must Die! 2

Currently in Progress
-Pokemon White 2
-Banjo Kazooie
-Left 4 Dead 2

Future Projects
-Donkey Kong Country 2 (SNES)
-Lets Play! Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time (N64)

Recently Completed
-Bastion (PC)
-Lets Play! Makai Kingdom (PS2)

Currently in Progress
-Warp (PC)

Future Projects
-Lets Play! Cave Story+ (PC)