Nostalgia gamer
02-22-2013, 12:47 PM
I am enjoying this game very much so far.

There are so many friggin guilds,its not even funny.I found out that i could join temples, and i didn't even know what was what.I found some guys who look like they were mages, and turns out that they were followers of julianos.(Positive)
I keep getting lost while trying to find the smith, and sometimes people can be so unhelpful, and tell me i'm rude.I'm rude? for asking for directions politely? WTF? or they say:I Won't talk to no elf.This is actually interesting, because in oblivion, everyone treats you the same.Its very unrealistic.(positive)
I like some of the music quite a bit.The dungeons with the howls are quite gloomy and creepy, and has the right feel.(positive)
The dungeons seem too small, and suffer from the same problem oblivion did:rats and bats for low level, and rogues, and everything else at high level.(negative)
I wish there was a zoom in feature, because there are so many teeny dots on the map, and some are(negative)
I wish there was more variation in features between towns(negative)

I am currently trying to become a lycanthrope, but i can't seem to find any werewolves.

Nostalgia gamer
02-26-2013, 05:12 PM
Here is some more experience i have learned about it:

The difficulty is better than oblivion, and the dungeons are more rewarding, and more difficult.The difficulty and the treasures makes it more rewarding.
Oblivion's faction system works better, and makes better sense.Joining a guild to find out it starts with zero sucks, but i like the idea of constantly degrading faction.Being good should be a constant strive, and it is so in daggerfall.

Infections:I think infections are far too rare.I had to reload over and over to get infected.
Usage of scrolls:This is one thing i wish this game had more of, or maybe it is through magical items and gems.