03-01-2013, 11:17 AM
Hello all! Let me preface by saying this is not spam or a shameless plug, some kind of ad, or am i paid to post this, etc. That being said...

I have been playing an online game centered around triple triad, and some of the other mini games in the FF series, since 2000. The game has evolved and changed a lot since then but is still around. It's kind of old school and not very glitzy or graphically modern, but it's an awesome game that has a small, tight knit community, full of final fantasy (and other awesome rpg) lovers. The game started in 2000 with the original ff8 triple triad deck, but now has close to 30 decks from all different games including all the FF's, chrono cross, pokemon, suikoden, megaman, xenotriggers, marvel vs capcom, and many more. Plus, users are encouraged to create and submit decks of their own The reason I am humbly posting on your forums, is because quite honestly, the activity in our game has recently reached quite a low, and i would love to see some new members come on and enjoy it as much as I have for so many years. The game is 100% free to play (no catches, not full of ads) so it doesn't really generate a lot of money to pay for advertising and what not.

I am not the owner of this game or involved with it's production in any matter, I am just a player looking for new players to join. I am fairly well established in the game as are some of my friends, and we are more than willing to help out any new players as much as we can with learning the game or whatever you may need. My user name is "PaKeLiKa" you can also look for "JinVicious" "Avarax" "Jackie" or some of our other regular players. Everyone is quite friendly!!

You can check out, and hopefully, download the game at

Thanks ahead of time for letting me post on your forums, this isn't spam and i'll check back to see if ya'll have any questions about the game or anything. Thanks!

03-02-2013, 03:44 AM
I really like ff8 triad cards from 8. Too bad 9 isn't as good. If this is not a spam, come back and reply and I will join you.