03-04-2013, 05:57 AM
okie, here is my question for everyone. How in the heck do you defeat Ruby, one of the ancient weapon that was awaken? I mean I've tried like twenty-eight times 'n everytime I always end up dying. what is the secret?

03-05-2013, 07:24 AM
Depends on what level you are - being level 99 helps a lot. I ended up defeating him with Cloud, and it basically became a grudge match. Firstly, you have to accept that he will remove two of your party members almost immediately unless they're KO, so take that into account (if he removes Cloud you may as well just reset). Once his claws are in the ground it basically then just boils down to exchanging blows - so using materia like W-Summon/W-Magic/W-Item, Added Cut, Quad Cut, Quadra Magic will make all the difference. The best thing to do is keep spamming Knights of the Round over and over (Master Summon materia is helpful for that), using Turbo-Ethers and Elixirs when your MP gets low.

I remember also using Omnislash a few times with the Ultima Weapon, but I've heard people say he has such high defense physical attacks are next to useless so I don't know. Debuffing the beast with the Enemy Skill Bad Breath or the Hades summon help too, as would using Despell and Debarrier to lower his defense.

Really though, he's a tank, so prepare for a long, hard slog.