05-03-2013, 03:12 PM
What features would you like to see in games? Whether you'd like to see them in any games or a specific game, state them here. If it's a specific game, give the name of the game.

Any game:
Ability to play as villains. Usually, you're the hero and have to defend someone or save the city or something. But being the villain allows you to do the opposite.

Arkham Origins:
Ability to play multi-player. Now since Batman works alone most of the time, I feel the multi-player should be a separate story. This could be the unlockable story mode plus for the game where they have you replay the original story, but an extended version that adds more to it for the purpose of multi-player.

Having to use detective skills via Bat-Computer and vehicles for certain missions. The vehicle missions would be interesting as one of them would see you having to chase a villain or a group of villains by the Batmobile or Batcycle. Specia lInterrogation missions would be awesome too. Instead of questioning green-colored thugs for Riddler, you can also question someone who was arrested. Like how Batman questioned Joker in TDK and kept the cops away by putting a chair to the door and beat Joker up till he gave away the info Batman wanted. In the movie, it was the whereabouts of Dent and Rachael. But in the game, it an be any info.

Obviously, all of those features won't be in one Batman game. But this thread isn't about whether or not all your wanted features would be in one game or whether they'd be featured in any game at all. It's strictly about features YOU WANT to see. Think of it as a fantasy thread if that helps you.