05-19-2013, 05:38 PM
It can be when you hear music and it moves you or a certain scene. Anything that made you feel happy or sad, laugh, thinking that was awesome, or anything else.

Terminator T2: Judgment Day
Happy - Sarah's "Father Figure" dialogue, at the end when Sarah shook the Terminator's hand before lowering him into the steel, Sarah's ending dialogue.

Sad - when the Terminator told John he had to go away, the music when the Terminator's being lowered into the steel mill along with the scene itself, but I was happy when he gave the thumbs up and then sad again when that thumb went into the steel.
Thinking it was awesome - all the special effects which was cutting-edge for its time.

Sad - Having his "dream" and returning to an empty house while we see clips of his wife and son, but they're not actually there. The music really made it more emotional, the police force shooting at Robo after his battle with Ed-209, Murphy asking Lois about what happened to his wife and son and saying he can feel them, but not remember them.

Funny - Ed-209 falling down the steps and sounding like a little baby while throwing a tantrum LOL.

The Crow
Sad - Eric reliving the memories of his and Shelley's deaths (along with finding how Brandon Lee actually died during the making of the movie)
Thinking it was awesome - Eric's guitar solos and after killing T-Bird, the burning Crow symbol. Jumping off the roof and laughing.
Happy - when he put on his paint for the first time, Eric's guitar solos (before bashing the stereo system and throwing his guitar off the roof)

Walking Dead
I HATE Carl's attitude/habits. Should have been him who died and became a zombie instead of Sophia. Enough said here.

Sad - when Sammy the dog, "Amanda", and Declan died.
Happy - when Emily gets her revenge, entire season 2 finale (besides the death)
Funny - Nolan's witty lines. He's the Xander (the witty guy of the Buffy's Scooby gang) of this show.

I wanna say Revolution. But sorei (in case she ever posts on this thread) is still watching so don't wanna ruin it for her.

More later.

05-19-2013, 06:16 PM
thx for not ruining it for me :D

i will participate later...