05-24-2013, 04:48 AM
I don't know if anyone else watches this show, but I really got into it recently. I used to think this show was really dumb, but after seeing a few episodes, it's actually pretty funny. Mainly cause of how random it is, and how the gang treats people and how self-centered they are. One that I recently watched that was really funny was season 4 episode 7: "Who Pooped the Bed?" especially when Artemis said "Then you created some thunder of your own. Of the "chocolate" variety?" lol... yeah, just one of many quotes I thought was funny. Everyone should watch it.

Some others I liked, was when Dee beats up that homeless guy for uh... doing his thing in the streets, and when Charlie says he's a full on rapist, instead of philanthropist when he's on that date. Also in the flip cup contest one, they just barge in the rival's bar and act obnoxious. lol just to name a few.