06-01-2013, 08:03 PM
Hey everyone,

I recently came across a game known as Defender of Texel (also known as DOT) on my Android, and I felt like it would be great to share it with all of you! The game is a free, turn-based RPG, and it's really addicting. The graphics are made up of 16-bit sprites which gives the game a certain charisma, yet the game-play and concept behind it are both quite original. The main objective is to- as the title states- defend Texel (the setting of the game). The player goes around collecting fighters which fight against the enemies who are attacking Texel. There are a multitude of fighters, each with different strengths, skills, and weaknesses. Fighters can also be fused together to increase the overall power of current fighter. As the player completes more levels of the game, enemies get harder and the levels get longer. On top of this, there are bosses every 3 levels or so.
TLDR; Lots of awesome features, it's fun and really original! Awesome retro-like graphics as well!

What's even better is that the developers almost always have events going on for the players. Currently, there's a collaboration event where players are categorized into "mobs" based on their current level and stats, and are to fight against extreme bosses trying to get more points that other mobs. Those who win are granted extremely rare and powerful fighters exclusive to this event. Other events include dungeons (where players go into dungeons to fight off monsters and earn rare fighters from their hard work), bracket battles (tournament-like battles where players fight against each other to gain the top spot), and much more!
TLDR; the developers love you! Always a lot going on for the player!

The game is free (on all devices), and it's available on both the Android shop and the Apple shop. It can be played on an iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android Smart-phone, and/or an Android tablet! (It may be playable
TLDR; It's free, download it already!!

I highly recommend this game to everyone out there, because it's extremely easy to learn, but also really fun and addicting.


When you first download the game, it will make you go through a miniature tutorial (don't worry, it takes like 5 minutes at the most). When this is done, it may ask if you want to participate in the current event. Say no**, you will want to go through the first 3 levels and boss of the main game first because it will give you better fighters. You want these better fighters because there are several highly experienced players fighting, and you won't last long with the fighters you start out with. (If it doesn't ask if you want to start on the current event or not, you'll just have to do it manually. Navigate to the overworld and press the button at the top of the screen that says "Normal". (If the button says "Special" then don't worry about it, you're in the right place. Just click on the moving bubble, select a level, and defend Texel!)
After completing the first 3 levels and boss, go back to the main menu of the game (press the button that resembles a house at the top left of the screen). From there, click on the button at the bottom right which says "more". A small list of virtual buttons should pop up. Along the bottom will be a button which says "invite ID". Click on this button. When the screen loads, there should be a place to enter text. In this field, type in KKXP (in all capital letters). By doing this, you will obtain another rare and powerful fighter along with some items which will help you in the current event.
One last thing you will want to do is add friends. (Feel free to add me, my username is Rawkstar777). Adding friends gets you achievements (which give you items and other goodies that you'll want).

Still not convinced? Check out this trailer for the latest event:
A Rush of Blood - Blood Brothers & Defender of Texel Collaboration Event - YouTube (

But that's all. If anyone has any questions, feel free to post them down below and I'll do my best to answer them!

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hey thanks for the info