06-23-2013, 08:04 PM
What I'm trying to play here is an undub, ie japanese voice acting with english subs. I don't know if anyone here has ever tried playing Crisis Core on a PSP emulator, but according to a few searches I've done, it takes a PSP emulator specifically adapted to it to be able to play it. For example, I've heard of this one:

PPSSPP: PSP emulator for Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, MacOSX, Blackberry, Symbian (http://www.ppsspp.org/)

But after some research into it, some forum posts indicated that it wouldn't be able to play Crisis Core. The news on that site do say that it'll soon be able to play it. However, whether it's this emulator or Jpcsp, the trouble I'm having is related to the ISO more than to the emulator itself. Essentially, I found a torrent for an ISO, but in the comments people were saying it needed a patch. I found the patch on a forum but it had, to me at least, difficult instructions to follow to patch the ISO, and it was impossible to register to the site to ask about it because it was having some kind of captcha issue. The patch was mentioned in the following post:

Crisis.Core.Final.Fantasy.VII.USA.UNDUB.FiNAL.Patc h-Mugi - Kotoba Forums (http://kotoba.forums.free.fr/index.php?showtopic=334)

The link for the file at the top is dead, but I downloaded the two files at the bottom. I'm not sure what SFV is so I'm not sure if I should even have downloaded them both or only one though. And those are the instructions on that page that I tried reading but couldn't fully understand.

And the torrent with the ISO was this one:


So I'd like to know a few things. First of all, is there a torrent for the already patched ISO somewhere out there, and if so does it have seeds? If not, is anyone able to upload it somewhere? Since it's a bit complicated, I'd appreciate anyone who's done it before guiding me through it step by step.

Essentially, I need help either with using the patch, ie knowing which files I can toss in the trash once it's all done and which files I need to keep, as well as which file is to be used on the emulator, or with finding an already patched ISO and making it work.