tehƧP@ƦKly�ANK� -Ⅲ�
06-24-2013, 01:48 AM
So I just finished season 1.
The finale was neat-o.

But as anything based off books: how different was it?
I hear Game of Thrones and True Blood are completely different universes.

Spoil it, if you must.
Like if Will was supposed to be killed in the end?
Or next season.

I know the two "Red Dragon" movies lets him live in the end.
But did they get it wrong?

I hope season 2 isn't Will in prison the whole season trying to prove his innocence and expose Hannibal.
That would be overkill trying to keep a series alive for as long as possible.

I would go either way if Will lives or dies.
Although with is brain condition they discussed, he's dead anyway.