07-16-2013, 10:21 PM

I'm a newly registered member and came here because of my high interest for film and game music. As briefly stated in the title of this thread I would like to rewrite the orchestration for the Castlevania 64 music using MAO software like Finale or Cubase.
As a start I have to write down a sheet music for the notes played in the cues I would like to use. Currently I am working on the intro title (Castlevania 64 Intro - YouTube (, and it is painful:
- I can't hear the piano chord played between the two tuplets groups given to the strings in the very beginning. Can't hear the bass part very well in here either but I strongly suspect it to be going down, from C to A.
- The key signature is odd: it seems to be Cm. It would be very logical, but the first B are natural while I would expect them to be Bb. And similarly the very first F are F# and then turns to be natural.

Those questions may seem silly but as a self-taught, amateur they are blocking.

Next step is to write down the Rosa Theme (Castlevania - Rosa's theme - YouTube ( I already have written down Renon's Theme (Castlevania - Demon Salesman (Renon's theme) - YouTube ( and will work on the Reinhardt's motif, though I intend to get a close look at the vampire killer's theme in addition. Do you have any suggestion about recurring melodies in the Castlevania series?

08-18-2013, 12:53 PM
Hello Don_Angelo,

It is interesting to hear that you are working on a re-orchestration of Castlevania's music. I myself am re-creating the soundtrack of a game (it's still a bit of a secret. I want to get a bit further before I put out any information haha). It's a bit of a challenging task but it is fun and worth it. Anyway, some tips that I can give:
- If you can, use a software program called "Transcribe!" (without quotes). It doesn't do what you might think it does, unfortunately lol (although there are some benefits to transcribing things the old fashioned way, so even if there was a way to have it done automatically it wouldn't be the most beneficial or fun way to do it at all... onward!). What this software does is allow you to slow down songs without changing the pitch of the song, make loops on a song... I suck at explaining so here's the site lol Transcribe! - software to help transcribe recorded music ( This may be able to help you figure out what that chord is. It may still be a little tricky due to the fact that it's a bit quiet and sandwiched between other sounds. But yeah, slow it down (if you can manage to obtain Transcribe!) and play with some other tools within Transcribe! to see if you make it easier. And you are correct: the bass is going down from C to A.
- The key does indeed seem to be Cm. The B natural is more than likely an accidental. I know it's been sometime since you've posted this, so you may be further along already.

Unfortunately I do not have much experience with Castlevania music. I've not really played the games and have not yet gotten around to check out the music but I will at some point. Anyway, I can try to help you out in some places if you need it.

09-20-2013, 08:01 PM
Hello Don Angelo, this idea sounds pretty amazing, I can't wait to hear your arrangements! By the way, did take a look at the original soundtrack ('s album scans? If I'm correct they have the notes for the "Opening" theme. Good luck!!

01-04-2014, 12:08 AM
Good work keep it up. I am excited to hear all of it.

would you upload the album into an archive?

07-18-2015, 01:09 AM

Any news?

07-19-2015, 06:22 PM
Apologies for the absence. Due to personal issues, I had to delay this project. Mostly because of the loss of my previous job few weeks after this thread creation and I had completely forgot I ever mentioned this project here.
My notes on this are mostly handwritten, and is still in the transcription process:

- I failed to find any theme in the game's music that relates to either Carrie or Reinhard, and thus have to default on the vampire killer theme from the earlier games.
- The entire introduction was transcribed and most of my interrogations were about recreating the thunder effect. The most obvious trick would be to use a timpani roll combined with fast paced string strills as in Strauss' Thunder and Lightning polka. Though it would not fit very well with the slow effect intended in the video I had posted. The funny detail I had never noticed before transcribing this introduction is that Malus' violin solo is a revamp from the vampire killer.
- I got interested by the sorcery tower theme and took a look in transcribing it, but the ending result is very poor.
- I skipped Rosa theme and transcribed Renon theme first, because it felt more easier. Ditched the first bars meant to create a suspenseful effect in the game, have to think of a new one. I also don't like the instruments choice, and produced a very early sketch as a string quartet (see attached file), I sticked to the actual notes and meant it to be closer from Rosa's motif. The main issue is that the remaining theme is very short and should be developed, but I find this very early sketch to be quite convincing. Most of my efforts will next be focused on the Rosa Theme.

The project is still at a very early stage, and is a little ambitious.
I have not yet decided of the form and structure of this project, mostly because the themes from the game are very sketchy and have very different styles. I looked into the Legacy of Darkness soundtrack but did not find any interesting motives, because most of the game's music appears to be taken from the previous game.

I don't own a copy of the album, I downloaded an ingame rip and work on my memories from when I played the game.

Attached file:
- Renon (String quartet short loop):

07-21-2015, 03:22 AM
I was gonna say a week ago that this was a ded project and here you are. Are you focusing on vanilla or you're doing the whole CV64 including Legacy of Darkness? IIRC there's atleast 5 new songs 1 which is from Bloodlines The Sinking Old Sanctuary.

07-27-2015, 11:08 PM
Yes indeed I am focusing on both Castlevania 64 and Legacy of Darkness.
Thank you for bringing my attention on The Sinking Old Sancturay.

08-19-2015, 11:38 PM
OK, good news. I found modern reorchestrations of XXth century's video games and animes very interesting.

In France we have a man, David Colin, who works on Ulysse 31 soundtrack and it's really impressive. The project is about to end (release later this year), you can listen to it here (

08-21-2015, 10:32 AM
i have in my library the intro of cv64 played with real instruments. unfortunately (pisses me off) i cant find the dvd where it is.

best of luck on your endevour, looking forward to it.
castlevania and LOD are very underrated games.

also, being a huge fan of renon's theme (that, stairway to the clouds, dance of illusions, the intro and the villa are my favorite themes ever. oh and of course, fan favorite tower of sorcery.), i cant but say i dislike your rendition. the abscence of the music box (or xylophone, cant tell with the 64) and that piano-like instrument that makes metallic sounds takes the charm out of the theme.

10-17-2016, 05:48 AM
Hi Don Angelo,

Could you give us some news about your project? Has it been aborted?

08-19-2018, 12:12 AM
That project has been paused for some time now. Sorry for the lack of news I had my account locked for quite a long time and only got it back yesterday.
I will get back to it eventually, but I think it was on a dead end anyway so I should start fresh.

09-10-2018, 09:10 AM
Hi Don Angelo, good to see you back! Please continue with your work on this project. I'd love to hear it :)