05-19-2004, 10:18 PM
Bribe. without it, finding items for customization can be hell. Once you have it and a trusty bribe guide, you can easily get any items you need, as long as you have money. I suggest you go for designer wallets first and get the ability gillionaire (you'll need 30x designer wallets. the ability is double gil earned from combat) and kill treasure boxes in the omega ruins, (Just incase you don't know, use Rikku's "steal" ability on them. They will open, and sometimes they will be empty but at other times will turn into a monster. By killing them you can get ridiculous amounts of gil � with gillionaire, 100,000 gil per treasure box!) Then use that money to bribe to your hearts content. (Consult online guides to find out where the hidden area "omega ruins" is, and which items are necessary for customizing weapons and armor to gain abilities. Also find out which monsters to bribe for what amount to get those items.)

You can get abilities like Triple AP, Triple OD, OD --> AP, and Ribbon (immunity to all status ailments! Only found in international version, and you need to have 99 dark matters)


I have a question. Can you use copycat on an overdrive?

Regardless of whether you can or cannot, copycat is one of the most fun and useful abilities in the game. Using copycat after a mighty guard can really help, and after a gravija make your life alot easier. Using it during boss fights is especially fun.

06-03-2004, 03:40 AM
Um yeah it does have its high points using Bribe. it especially helps you out if you want to beat those Dark Aeons. im not to sure about using Copycat on Overdrives. But that is a good idea. and it would be gud if it works