06-09-2004, 12:05 AM
ok i might sound like i suck but this dude does like curaga and heals 9999 2x every time i get him lowish health and i need help

ps i probably do suck cuz ff4 and 10 are really the only ffs i played:(

hb smokey
06-09-2004, 12:20 AM
Originally posted by Cecil12
<B> ok i might sound like i suck but this dude does like curaga and heals 9999 2x every time i get him lowish health and i need help </B>

Hmm...where to begin, where to start *sighs*...

Ok, this is what you do to defeat the Sanctuary Keeper:

First off, he has 40,000 HP, which isn't too bad, especially if you have Break Damage Limit.

He was no weaknesses, doesn't absorb any spells, isn't immune to any magic, and doesn't have any specific magic in which it only hurts him half as much.

A good starting team for this battle would be Tidus, Yuna, and Auron.

When you have this all ready, you are set to battle. Here comes the strategy:

Start the battle off by casting Hastega and Protect on all three characters. Next, use Auron's Mental and Armor Break on the Sanctuary Keeper. At this point, Auron has done his duty, and you can substitute him in for other characters if you like. If not, you can leave him in.

This will help with the problem of him using Curaga on himself. After you have broken down his defense with Armor and Mental Break, cast Reflect on him. After that, you can start summoning aeons that are already in Overdrive mode. Each aeon will only get one shot at the beast, since the Keeper will wipe them out with Mana Breath. When you have whittled his HP down to half, it will attempt to cast Curaga on itself. Knowing that you were smart and listened to me when I said to cast Reflect on the Keeper, one of your characters will get their HP restored, instead of this beast.

Not sure if this matters any, but oh well. This boss has a specific attack pattern. The first attack is the Photon Wings, followed by a couple regular attacks, one Mana Breath, and finally two Curagas. However, The Sanctuary Keeper will sometimes counter your attacks with Tail Sweep. Photon Wings can damage your party with status effects, so entering battle with protection against Sleep, Silence, Darkness, and Confusion wouldn't hurt your chances either.

That's it. This should be enough to get you past the Sanctuary Keeper. Now, you are onto Zanarkand Ruins...

06-10-2004, 06:41 AM
well he basically sed it all. so i have nothing to say. And casting Reflect on him will definetly hp you win. it a reat advantage to hve over him..... Just watch casting magic on him if you do use reflect.

Good Luck!