Majin Sephiroth
01-27-2002, 08:21 PM
You Know ur addicted to Evangelion When

You actually know how many versions of "Fly me to the Moon" there are.
You learn different instruments just because you want to play the tune of "Fly me to the Moon".
You can sing "Zankokuna Tenshi no Thesis" off by heart ... and you don't even know Japanese.
You watch Eva more than once.
You can play any BGM / Theme song on any instruments.
You start talking like Gendo.
When you see a picture of embryo in any biology books, you think of Adam.
You think you can cause the Third Impact ... by touching your friend call Adam.
Your favourite drink - what else but beer (yebisu) ?!
You think you can cause the Fourth Impact ... since Rei/Shinji caused the Third Impact already.
You start designing your own GeoFront.
You name your SimCity Tokyo-3.
You name your SimCity GeoFront.
You name your pet PenPen.
You want to have a penguin as a pet.
You decided to go to Antarctica to retrieve the Lance of Longinus.
You scream everytime after your first sip of beer.
Every morning, you come out yawning and rubbing your stomach (with the music in the background).
You created an Eva Website.
You partition your HardDrive into three and name them Melchior, Balthasar and Casper respectively.
You give your computer a personality.
You name your computer Melchior.
You name your second computer Balthasar.
You name your third computer Casper.
You name your LAN/WAN workgroup MAGI.
You expect your MAGI to provide every answer to your question.
You expect your MAGI to warn you of any angel (virus) attack.
You consider a computer virus to be an angel attack ... and you shoot your computer with a laser gun ... and then inject ozone into your computer.
You think that your computer is powered by a brain.
You think that the Pyramid is located at GeoFront.
You think that the Pyramid of Ginza is the NERV's HQ.
You start to hate your father.
You question your own existance.
You wish Rei/Asuka/Misato/Ritsuko/Maya/Hikaru is your girlfriend.
You wish Shinji/Kaji/Gendo/Makoto/Shigeru/Toji is your boyfriend.
On a train, you look at the opposite commuter and think that he/she is your other self.
You only listen to track 25 and 26 on your SDAT.
You change your birth certificate to 13 September 2000 so that you can pilot Eva.
You sit leaning forward and put both your hands over your mouth.
You wear a Gendo-style sunglasses.
You start believing in God just because of NGE.
You start "BAKA-ing" people.
You think your laptop will only last for 5 minutes without the power-cord. After the laptop dies, you keep on screaming at your laptop, "move, move, move, move ..."
You start wearing two red thingy on your head, just to make yourself look like Asuka.
You wish to install an S2 engine into your laptop.
You think your mobile phone can only last 5 minutes on stand-by and 1 minute if you talk on the phone.
You decide to search for an underground site suitable to hold your GeoFront.
You start quoting from NGE.
You stop watching X-Files.
You think X-Files is nothing compare to NGE.
You hope to have Misato as your guardian.
You hope to catch the "NERV only" train to GeoFront.
Everytime a train comes out of a tunnel, you hope to see the GeoFront.
You only catch the train in the sunset.
You say sorry to everything (just like Shinji).
You write a letter to UN demanding more budget towards NERV.
You write to the US President and demand funding for Eva Unit-04.
You know how to pronouce the names of all angels.
You know the names of all 17 angels.
You can spell the names of all angels without looking.
You listen to classical music just because of NGE.
You understand the whole concept of NGE.
You wonder why Bandi doesn't have an Eva/Rei/Asuka/Shinji Tamagochi.
You carry a video camera wherever you go.
Your science project at school is titled - Human Instrumentality Project.
You think you are a loser.
You formed an organization called NERV.
You formed a committee called SEELE, and try to spy on NERV you have just created.
You start talking to your girlfriend again after you two broke up 8 years ago.
You always think someone is spying on you, especially when you see someone with a pony-tail and an unshaved face.
You dream about NGE.
You think buildings can go underground.
Everytime there is a black-out, you think of Operation Yashima.
Everytime there is a black-out, you believe it's the work of SEELE.
Your favourite saying: "Hashin, junbi" (lit. Prepare for launch).
You usually answer a question with one word: "Hai" (lit. Yes)
You own Evangelion models.
You don't know whether to paint your Unit-00 model orange or blue ... and you decided to paint it half orange and half blue.
You declare yourself commander even though you are only a junior clerk.
You know NGE is directed by Hideaki Anno.
You own NGE DVD, even though you don't understand Japanese.
You own NGE in all formats (tape, VCD, DVD, etc.) and in all languages (Japanese, English, Chinese, etc.).
You believe you can breath underwater without any equipment, just like the pilots do in LCL.
You study physics at school just to work out how Eva really works, or is it biology?
You cook like Misato.
Your whole fridge is full of beer.
You are as philosophical as Rei.
You have at least one Eva merchandise.
Your room is as untidy as Rei's.
You have more cats than Ritsuko.
You're as untidy as Misato.
You decorate your clock just to make it looks like an Eva Clock.
You welcoming message on your mobile phone is: "NERV Personnel Only".
You have played an Eva-related game before.
You know who Kirishima Mana is.
When programs crash, you expect to see a huge error message flashing across the screen.
You go breserk with no reason.
You believe that boys and girls should not live together after the age of seven.
You like to stand behind your boss, hands behind your back.
You like to hold a conference in a dark room, with only lights shining on each member around the table.

01-27-2002, 08:38 PM
Oh, yeah, I am addicted alright. Aside from the alchohol stuff, my answer to most of them is yes.

I know I am addicted because I celebrated Asuka's birthday(December 4th, 2001). A friend of mine, who is obsessed with Evangelion, threw this huge party on Asuka's birthday. I was invited. It was fun.