10-05-2013, 05:45 AM
This post is about me citing a source that tells about Wheel of Fortune and also me telling wedges I made up and a wedge I would have put in Wheel of Fortune if I can.

This thread is about discussing made up wedge, wedges etc. or telling about wedge, wedges etc. you would have put in Wheel of Fortune if you can or both.

Down below taken from Wheel of
Fortune (U.S. game show) wikipedia page
Wheel of Fortune (often known simply as Wheel) is an American television game show created by Merv Griffin. The show features a competition in which contestants solve word puzzles, similar to those used in Hangman, to win cash and prizes determined by spinning a giant carnival wheel. The original daytime version aired on NBC from January 6, 1975, to June 30, 1989. It was on CBS from July 17, 1989, until January 11, 1991, and returned to NBC from January 14 to September 20, 1991, when it was canceled permanently. The daily syndicated version of the series premiered on September 19, 1983.
up above taken from Wheel of
Fortune (U.S. game show) wikipedia page.

WoF stands for Wheel of Fortune

#1: Make up your own WoF wedge or
own WoF wedges or both

#2: If you could have any, all
etc. wedge or wedges or both what
would it or they or both be?



Super Bankrupt: Land on this horrible space and
you will lose all earnings in
round and from previous rounds!

Mega Bankrupt: Land on this space and it takes
away all monetary earnings unless
you are holding the Wild Card then
your monetary earnings are doubled

Evil Bankrupt: Takes away your
earnings from round and also
previous rounds and makes one
other player to the right most or
left most if blue player
go bankrupt as well.

Satan Bankrupt: Bankrupts all
players and all players earnings,
prizes etc. won so far including
trips are all lost as well.

End of #1: for this post.

#2: Mega Bankrupt.

End of #2: for this post.