Nostalgia gamer
10-18-2013, 12:54 AM
This game is so much more frustrating than fallout 3, that it isn't even funny.

Those stupid cazadores are the bane of my existence.Those stupid poisonous enemies are beyond annoying.They are fast and hard to hit and swarm you in groups.The legionaires are nasty too.Those so far are the two hardest enemies i've encountered in the game.Those death claws? HAH!! death claws are a joke compared to cazadores.

I just murdered some legionaire assasins who had some plasma grenades and god knows what else.Those guys are tough as nails.I had to use grenades to kill them because they were kicking my ass.

10-18-2013, 01:36 AM
Cazadores are only in the North of the map (mainly the northwest and northeast extremes), and they are easily the hardest enemies in the game. They hit hard anyway, but the poison they secrete is so lethal that you can die from that alone. Plus they usually come in swarms of at least 5. The people in Goodsprings do warn you not to go North - and for good reason, as you can see. (Take warnings from NPCs seriously in this game - if someone tells you not to go somewhere, then consider bringing Heavy Weapons and as much backup as you can). Cazadores, Giant Radscorpions, Super Mutants and Deathclaws form a kind of living wall across the map to discourage you from going North.

The Legion aren't too hard though - assassins are about the best they have (outside of their main camps anyway). As with all enemies, its all about damage threshold. If your weapon is strong enough, then you can kill most anything - it just becomes a case of 'can you survive long enough to land those hits?' If your weapon isn't strong enough, then you have very little chance at all, because you'll be inflicting absolutely minute amounts of damage. That's why its a good idea to spend a while hunting the Powder Gangers and nabbing their dynamite - that stuff's powerful enough to kill most things you'll encounter.

Its also a good idea to try and recruit one of the companions early on (there are a number of party members you can recruit in this game, and they have proper stories and will react to your choices etc). You may already have EDE, but you can get Craig Boone, an ex-NCR Sniper by just following the main story for a while. He's a really good shot, and a big help if you want to go exploring into the more challenging areas immediately. Obviously, you have to be at least neutral to the NCR to recruit him though. There are several other useful companions, but he's the easiest of the better companions to find and recruit, because he's on the main questline route, and you pretty much have to talk to him.

If he isn't an option (because NCR are hostile to you or something), then Veronica Santangelo is around that area too, and she's pretty handy in a fight as well. The others are (generally) in much harder to reach areas (at least at the start). They are well worth seeking out, but only Boone, EDE and Veronica are in easy to reach places (and Cassidy I suppose, but you can't recruit her yet). They make exploring dangerous areas a lot more manageable early on. Generally speaking, EDE isn't as powerful as the proper fighter companions, but he's the easiest to obtain.

The game really isn't that hard - its probably the easiest of these kinds of games, actually. New Vegas is more about roleplaying your character, than fighting. The game is presenting a more civilized version of the Fallout world, in an area which is (at least by comparison with other areas) in pretty good shape and is starting to get back on its feet. There is usually always a way to talk your way or bargain out of most situations that don't involve Cazadores and Deathclaws etc. By sticking to the roads and recruiting a companion, you can get through most of the game and barely fight anyone at all.

But that's just for those who don't want to. If you want to fight, then you can find plenty of opponents still. The tougher fights tend to be in the North, and at the extremes of the map (basically head into the hills in any direction, and you'll be jumped by Nightstalkers, Cazadores, Super Mutants, Giant Geckos and all manner of bloodthirsty beasts). But the game always warns you when you're going into real danger - NPCs will warn you, there will be signs etc etc.

Nostalgia gamer
10-18-2013, 10:22 AM
But that's just for those who don't want to. If you want to fight, then you can find plenty of opponents still. The tougher fights tend to be in the North, and at the extremes of the map (basically head into the hills in any direction, and you'll be jumped by Nightstalkers, Cazadores, Super Mutants, Giant Geckos and all manner of bloodthirsty beasts). But the game always warns you when you're going into real danger - NPCs will warn you, there will be signs etc etc.[/QUOTE]

I actually found that shooting the antennae or head of the cazadores does the most damage, and shotgun to the head does lots of damage.Laser weapons tend to be better since its more about range and firing fast to get one down than automatic weapons.In fact:I really don't like automatic weapons.

I have tons of weapons, but few get repaired or ammo, because they seem a little less common.The caravan shotgun gets its repairs because i find em, along with varmint gun which is a rifle, and 10mm and 9mm guns are about common to uncommon.So i tend to always keep a few weapons on me, since powder gang seem to drop lots of 357 magnum cases and loads and loads of 9mm and 10mm.They even drop varmint guns a lot.

Varmint gun though isn't too useful vs the harder enemies, like cazadores or robots.It lacks a punch.Caravan shotgun is really good but in close range, and a lot of enemies seem to love to swarm, so my favorite weapon in this game is my grenade rifle for land creatures.This gun works wonders on groups of enemies, but i haven't found another one yet.I got a huge amount of laser weapons too.Rcw ECW or whatever lasers that i found around the area where you meet the religious ghouls.Because of that, i got my hands on some really good weapons already.I got some laser and plasma weapons.I even got myself a plasma rifle which took me the entire game to get in fallout 3.I also got a hunting rifle from killing 4 legionaire assasins, and i hear that the gun is quite rare.I'm looking forward to seeing just how powerful it is.

My current location is atm vault 22.I accidentally found my way here while trying to do a quest to update the radio codes.its a quest you get in the same tent where you get the order to take nelson.I believe i have like 50 science already and like 45 repair and 40 on the rest.

10-18-2013, 06:54 PM
The game's not too fussy on holding out on loot and weapons of all kinds. They wanted people to feel free to pick whichever skills they wanted and see some use out of them immediately (so there's plenty of explosives and energy weapons even early on etc). But equally, if you want to run a non-combat character, you can do that too. If you have high enough Speech or Barter etc, you can even talk your way past the final bosses (you need max for that though, really)!

I don't really know much about the guns - I'm a melee guy, so I stuck with knives, hammers, power fists and the like. You get special combat moves to use in VATS when you have enough Unarmed or Melee, and they make even Deathclaws and Cazadores a walk in the park. For example, with Melee Weapons 50 or so, you get Mauler special move in VATS, which is a big, swinging uppercut that sends even Deathclaw Matriarchs flying through the air, and leaving them stunned for a few seconds on the floor - ample time to get in and finish the job.

Nostalgia gamer
10-18-2013, 09:39 PM
I need your help as soon as you can vrykolas.How the hell do i get to ranger station foxtrot?

Also:Those stupid legionaire assasins are a thorn in my side, but goddam they have some nice shit.They carry tons of weapons on them.

Big big complaint as well:The game is very buggy and needs bug checks.The game is a lot of fun, but man its easy to get stuck in mountains.You can't even travel because it says you are falling or jumping, and i have to reload.These stupid glitches are pissing me off even.I see weird glitches where dead enemies start to shake and other times where they become long tubular things and zoom past me.The reason i even killed the deathclaw who was blind, was because it got stuck in the wall.
What the heck? While i was looking for a patch, i saw a glitch where a guy fell through the floor and landed in a room where there was no exit.He was literally in a pit and had a door that required a key to get through.

Also:How do i get into the area of the followers of the apocalypse? At the power plant, i chose to route the power towards all cities so it was balanced out.

10-19-2013, 03:55 AM
Bethesda didn't make the game themselves - they contracted it out to Oblivion. The way their business model works, they are given the money and have their deadlines set by their employer (Bethesda in this case). And they didn't get anywhere near the amount of money and time that Bethesda use themselves (you know how slow they are at putting out games). So its hardly surprising that the game is *full* of glitches and problems. I'm not saying its fine for the game to be like that, but you have to understand Oblivion's position. New Vegas is simply a good example of why there aren't more games like Elder Scrolls and Fallout around - because nobody can afford to make them in the kind of shape that consumers consider acceptable. Even Bethesda with their longer development times and huge budgets can't cut out glitches in games this complicated completely - and they still get unending grief for it. So what chance does everyone else have?

But long story short - I agree about the glitches. Its a testament to the game that I still consider it amongst my favorite games of this gen. Because the constant crashes and glitches are extremely tiresome. I go back to my old statement of 'I'd rather play a game I'm interested in which only works 50% of the time, than a game I don't care about at all, but which works 100% of the time'.

About your questions...

Ranger Station Foxtrot is... the northwest one, right? If it is that one, you basically go north of New Vegas (just head north - don't go anywhere near the mountains or hills for now). Eventually, you'll reach a road at the top end of the map, going west/east. Follow this road west and it eventually winds up into the mountains, heading through a bendy kind of road towards the ski lodge in the northwest. Its a main road, and its quite near the extreme north end of the map. By following this road into the mountains, you avoid all the most dangerous monsters (Cazadores etc). You'll have some wild Brahmin on the road to contend with (pretty easy), and before you get to the lodge, you need to leave the road and cut across country (the station has a big anntenna, poking up through the trees, so you should be able to find it easily enough). There are Giant Mantis creeping about near here, but nothing tougher than that. I'm pretty sure that if you go to Camp Forlorn Hope in the East, they have a mission that lets you see where all the Ranger Stations are, if you still have trouble finding it.

If the Legion Assassins are getting on your nerves, try going to New Vegas, if you haven't already. Once you enter The Strip and deal with Benny (either killing him or driving him off), all the major factions start to notice you as someone who can get stuff done. Any major faction (like NCR, Legion etc) who are hostile to you will declare an amnesty and ask to speak to you. This only happens once, so if you annoy them again, then they will stay hostile for the rest of the game.

Which Followers of the Apocalypse area are you talking about? They only really have the Old Mormon Fort in New Vegas itself. If you're talking about the Followers outpost (a sort of small watchtower style thing), then that is part of Veronica's personal mission. To get in there, you need to travel with her, do some stuff with the Brotherhood of Steel, then escort her to the Outpost so she can join the Followers.

Nostalgia gamer
10-19-2013, 05:46 PM
I just got banned from lucky 38, because i kept winning.I believe i have around 8 luck or something alike.

I got around 10-12k in caps.

10-20-2013, 03:06 AM
Eh? Lucky 38 is Mr House's casino - there's no gambling in there, is there? Its like a tomb, seeing as how Mr House is basically a Techno-Necromancer. You sure you're not talking about one of the others - the Tops, maybe? And yes, Luck *rules* when you're gambling. By far the easiest way to get 'The Courier Who Broke The Bank'. Thing is though, caps are extremely plentiful in this game anyway - you get so many more than in Fallout 3. Same with loot, ammo, weapons etc - you just get more in New Vegas.

You tried out the disguise system yet? I remember wandering onto the strip in a suit of Brotherhood of Steel power armor and wondering what I'd done wrong, as all the NCR guys went ballistic and mobbed me!

Nostalgia gamer
10-20-2013, 08:22 AM
I broke gomorrah and ultra deluxe casino.They both kicked me out heh.I now have around 26k caps.

Yeah i just figured out about the disguises.I'm now at cesar's camp, and the bastard wants to use me to kill lord house.I said go fuck yourself, and i started to kill all his people.I'l eventually come back and slaughter him, or maybe not.

Man these fucking legionaires drop tons of fucking guns.I'm going to be a billionaire when i'm done here.I got myself a 44 magnum, most powerful gun in the world.It will blow your head clear off.
I have now 3 fully repaired hunting rifles, a fully repaired caravan shotgun.35 throwing spears, i don't even know how many dinares and other legionaire coins, and a bunch of other junk.

Holy crap, i'm actually leaving the gun sales bot in the gun runner shop low on cash.
I already have 33k in caps.

Nostalgia gamer
10-23-2013, 08:19 PM
So i started blood money expansion.So far i'm liking it way more than the skyrim expansion number 1 with vampire lord.It promised new areas and new enemies, and it has given me already a couple of added things.

Its kind of creepy actually.I'm walking along and there is this great sense of fear of those ghost like things creeping up on me, and the area is filled with deadly traps.

Oh yeah:Hologram traps? best defense ever.Man that has to be defended, cause you won't ever need security guards except to make sure nobody messes with the computer.Just have those things secure the perimeter with some sort of laser and be able to attack people, and nobody will ever invade your house.