10-25-2013, 03:48 PM
Hello ladies and gentlemen,

We are an indie game company who have been in the works, creating a new MMO / TCG that'll be cross platform for android, iPhone, PC and MAC.

The project is titled 'Eminence' and will have its own unique universe, characters and monsters. The game mechanics will beinspired by Triple Triad. It'll however follow a new format with revolutionized gameplay such as being able to challenge people online, deck collecting, group battles where you can create guilds and go head to head with opponents to take the top spot or enlist in tournaments that have lucrative prizes.

We are currently in the process of working on the visual art style for the cards themselves, and will make sure that everything is unique and fresh so that it is not just another Triple Triad duplicate. It'll only be the game rules and the method of play that'll pay homage to Triple Triad.

I would really love to hear your feedback! I'll be posting some card designs in the art section of FFshrine over the next few weeks. If anyone would like to know more about what i'm planning please free to PM me, or write to me on this thread.