Nostalgia gamer
10-29-2013, 09:40 PM
Dead money:


1:With the items you are loaded with, and the lack of a storage linked to your house storage, its frustrating because you get so many items, and you are overloaded.Some of these items you can throw away, others you want to keep and it is unbelievably frustrating.It makes me kind of angry

2:Exploding collar.The exploding collar is a interesting idea, and it isn't until you are inside the sierra nevada hotel that it becomes frustrating, because you encounter 1 or multiple of those invincible speakers, making me rage when i find out a hidden invincible speaker.In the vault area, some have no computers.I never raged so hard than the last area with the force fields and those stupid speakers.

3:Lack of fire arm drops.Most enemies drop melee items, and you find only a couple of guns in storage.
4:its impossible to get the 37 gold bars out without cheating, because they simply weigh too much.How are you expected to carry 1000 pounds or more?

Good things:

Characters:God with his multiple personality dog is a cool character, and very interesting.His crazy personality makes for some interesting encounters, especially during the end when he threatens to blow up the place.Dean domino is also interesting, because we find out this arrogant prick of a character who is also very charismatic.The man working gigs as a musician and staying there obsessing with the treasures and planning the ultimate heist.This actually links very well with the actual plot of this expansion.Christine is not too interesting as a character, but we do find out a little bit about the big empty, or as its called:Big mountain.Then there is elija, the elder who came before the one you meet who was a genius and a madman.We find out he really is insane, and is just as obsessed with the treasures of sierra madre as dean is, and we get to hear about big mountain, leading to some very very interesting bits.

New weapons:Gas bombs, bear traps, Police gun, Holo rifle, throw spears, regular spears etc etc.

New items:A bunch of new stuff like the jarred gas, and several other goodies

New enemies:Holo enemies, ghosts.

New recipes like the sierra martini

Atmosphere:Dark and scary, and lots of sneaking.Its very different, and not everyone likes it, but i do.
Gameplay:Sort of like survival horror type.Loads of running
New traps:They add to the atmosphere of survival horror
Good experience:the ghosts may take time to kill, because they don't die until you destroy a limb of theirs, but HOLY SHIT!! they drop good xp.100-150 xp each.I leveled up real fast killing those guys.

Overall Opinion:Good expansion, but don't go there for the money.Instead, go there at around 30 for the experience of it separately.Have no expectations, and just enjoy. i'l give it around 4 out of 5 stars.

Nostalgia gamer
10-31-2013, 02:40 PM
Old world blues review:


The time limit:I'm a bit frustrated, because i can't tell if i get any better rewards for rushing, and at the same time, it hurts the experience
The kennel area where the splicing is done:Its confusing and i was never able to find the key, so i can't finish it.

Good things:

Weapons:You get an assortment of amazing weapons, like the k9000 and Fido.The fido is like a chaingun, but futuristic looking.The fido is an upgrade to the weapon, which is an awesome idea, and i love it.There is a satellite like weapon also which hurts robots, and a gun which as multiple upgrades with multiple effects.It can break forcefields, and also paralize and even critical hit enemies.You get varios energy weapons for using to repair stuff with.

Armor:Stealth suit, stealth suit MKII and tri oscilator halo.These are all really really cool items, and the MKII has voice and can be upgraded by doing stealth missions, and it is really really good.Plain awesome.The tri oscillator halo has +1 endurance and 1 health recovery.

Perks:Spineless heartless brainless, and you also have an upgrade for when you are crouched.You also get new type of perks also from regaining your heart brain and spine, and the heart one makes health items 50% more effective, and has some bonus against poison.Really sweet perks in this expansion that make it very worth wild.

Lots of things to find:There are hidden chips that allow you to gain new abilities for your anti forcefield weapon, and there is also a stealth mini game which improves your suit a lot.When fully upgraded, you gain 20% speed while crouching.+1 or 2 agility and +1 per.You also get a light which can permanently increase your int by 1, and hidden perks.

Overall:I'l give this expansion 5 out of 5 stars.

Next possible expansion:Honest hearts.

Main game:

Gameplay:There are loads of weapons, and tons of new stuff.I like the fact that you have survival and can make bullets.Extremely neat.But there is a lack of enemies for combat, and its hard to keep up in ammo to convert into other ammo.The survival ability is extremely neat, but the lack of stimpaks is beyond frustrating early on.I never have enough later on, and i end up dying and having to reload 20 times on the easy difficulty when fighting those legionnaire assassins.It was kind of my fault, but at the same time i wish i had slightly more. The lack of encounters makes it really hard to be able to pull of successful speeches, and to have enough barter.Sure gun power is important, but i think the power of barter and speech is far more important than fighting skills in this game, because you have far more reasons to use them.In jacobstown, the cure for super mutant madness requires massive science skill of at least 90, and at least level 75-90 speech.To help out the super mutant with the rangers problem, you need at least 80 speech.Its definitely a good idea to first level up before doing anything, because you can then decide what speeches you want.There is far more importance in faction, and there is a strong cause and effect on choosing sides.Its a little more interesting, because before you throw yourself head first into one side or the other, you seriously need to consider what each side has to offer.I like the fact that there is a stronger importance in sides.

Radio stations:There are more radio stations than before, and new music.I don't find the music yet as memorable as fallout 3.

Story:You are a courier, and you have to deliver something, but you get caught and shot in the head by a guy in a plaid coat.You are saved by a doctor and introduced to the game.You have to recover your parcel to get it to its location.There is far more involvement in clans as i said before, and it effects your overall final story.Since i haven't finished the game, i can't give you a full review yet.

Voice actors:

The roster of voice actors for fallout new vegas is extremely impressived

Ron Pearlman:The Narrator.
Kris kristofferson Chief Hanlon
Michael dorn Marcus
Danny trejo:Raul alfonso tejada
Rob coddry Billy Knight
Mathew perry Benny.

Nostalgia gamer
11-03-2013, 11:09 PM
Lonesome Road:

Enemies:There are a few new enemies:Hulking monsters and a couple of named.
New weapons:There are a few unique weapons, but not as much as old world blues
Unique quests:I really like how it ties into the main storyline.To tell you the truth:I did enjoy it as well.Its interesting, because so far i've liked all the expansions this game has offered me.The end quest also offers 2 new locations on the map with some unique weapons and or armor, and it ties into the main storyline.Question:Is nuking the legion considered evil? I nuked the legion, and i think it isn't too nice.

score:3 out of 5.

Nostalgia gamer
11-19-2013, 06:53 PM
Honest hearts review:

Its a very short expansion with not much to offer.

You go with the happy trails expedition to see what can be done to make the area stable, because the white legs are killing people and want to be recruited by the legion.
The whole area has turned into tribal, and has its own language, which is really cool actually.It doesn't have particularly any new stuff.I suppose its fair since we already get a ton of stuff from the other expansions, and this is mostly story.

Main game:There are a few new fairly nifty ideas.

The bench isn't new, but the loader is, as is the camp.There are also lots of new items, and the game is fairly fun.Overall:The game is more about the story, which is fine, because it offers more options than fallout 3, and turned out to be a better game.

5 out of 5 rating.

11-20-2013, 02:26 AM
I did think the new area you get in Honest Hearts was quite good - some really nice scenery. But they should have let 'Dead Eye' Ricky survive longer - that guy was hilarious.