Nostalgia gamer
10-31-2013, 02:29 PM
Final Fantasy XIII OST: Disc 4 - Sulyya Springs - YouTube ( I really really like this song, and is one of the few map themes i actually like in the game.I like the classical music feel and the violin.The song is just very relaxing.
Final Fantasy XIII - Fighting Fate [Extended] - YouTube ( barthandalus boss theme.very epic and actually works very very well.It has that feeling that there is no holding back, and that he is the true boss.obviously it isn't the same without the boss in it.

11-01-2013, 06:03 PM
I actually didn't love any of the songs in XIII. XIII-2 though.
Noel's Theme ~ The Last Travel (
Oh my gosh, I could listen to this song forever. Possibly my favourite theme of all the final fantasy games.

11-03-2013, 01:31 PM
The Final Fantasy game soundtracks are kind of like movie soundtracks - they're made to fit specific scenes, and make you think of certain themes when you see characters etc etc. They usually work well in game, but aren't too memorable outside of that, at least IMO. That isn't to say that there isn't a lot of good music in all the games, but I usually don't remember much of it. I mean, I've watched Star Wars millions of times for example, but I can't remember much of the music beyond the intro and the Imperial March. Its good in the movie and that's what really matters.

All told though, I'd rather have the music from Atlus' Persona games or from the various Castlevania games (some of them are kind of RPGish), where they make a real effort to make the music enjoyable in its own right. I can happily listen to the music from such games, without having to play the games to enjoy it.

If I had to choose from FF13 though, I can only really remember the intro music, which I do like very much. That sort of whistling march that grows louder and louder before the epic sweep rolls out. Other than that... the music on Pulse was pretty good as I remember. Particularly that sort of flute one that's really carefree and bouncy.

Nostalgia gamer
11-05-2013, 09:00 AM
Yeah barthandalus theme is like that, and it isn't the same hearing it by itself.Its still a really good song though in my opinion.

11-07-2013, 12:52 AM
Themes for big bosses are always kind of 'Da DUUMM - You'rrre in the shiiiit NOOOW - Da DUUUM!', booming away in the background to get your blood pumping and get the adrenalin flowing.

They kind of lose something when you're not actually there in the moment, risking life and limb, but they work great when you are playing.

Serah Farron
11-10-2013, 12:34 PM
I love both soundtracks a lot, though XIII is more my favorite. If I really had to pick.. probably Saber's Edge/The Promise and Snow's Theme.

01-05-2014, 06:42 AM
Blinded By Light by Masashi Hamauzu

01-05-2014, 07:47 AM
I really liked Dust to Dust, but I also liked the two Japanese songs.

01-12-2014, 11:47 PM
Sunleth Waterscape (FFXIII) is absolutely gorgeous.

01-17-2014, 02:57 PM
I don't know why, but I liked Dust to Dust (found in the snow area of Gran Pulse). It gives off that sad vibe which is perfect for sad situations.

01-30-2014, 06:13 AM
I liked the one that sounded any different from the rest. Oh wait, this is a Hamauzu score.

02-28-2014, 03:02 PM
I'm not a big fan of Hamauzu's works, but he has improved in XIII a lot compared to his earlier work. In any event, here's the few favourites of mine from across the trilogy:


Prelude to Final Fantasy XIII
Saber's Edge
The Warpath Home
March of the Dreadnoughts
Chocobos of Coccoon ~ Chasing Dreams
Test of the l'Cie
Primarch Dysley
Fighting Fate
Chocobos of Pulse
Start Your Engines
Eden Under Siege
Final Fantasy XIII ~ Miracles


Final Fantasy XIII-2 Overture
Beautiful Heroes
Knight of the Goddess
God of War
New Bodhum (Original and Aggressive Mix)
Paradigm Shift
Groovy Chocobo
Historia Crux
Eclipse (original and aggressive mix)
Caius's Theme
Serendipity ~ Palace of Pleasure
Rodeo de Chocobo
Win or Lose
Threat Level: Omega
Followers of Chaos
Oracle Drive
Augusta Tower (original and aggressive mix)
Theme of the Academy
Unseen Abyss

Lightning Returns: FFXIII

The Final Thirteen Days
The Ark
The Sleeping City
Reverent Souls
The Cathedral
Graveyard of Dreams
The Last Surviving Wilderness
The Wildlands
Bluesy Chocobo
Awaiting the Celebration
The Glittering City of Yusnaan
City of Revelry
Chaos Infusions
Divine Love
Almighty Bhunivelze
Humanity's Tale
Ending Credits ~ Light Eternal

03-25-2014, 10:53 PM

Blinded by Light
Saber's Edge
The Hanging Edge
The Sunleth Waterscape
To Hunt L'Cie
Defiers of Fate
Fighting Fate
Born Anew
Hope's Theme
Fang's Theme
Memories of Happier Days (Or Vanille's Theme lol)
Sustained by Hate
This is Your Home
The Gapra Whitewood
The Pompa Sancta
Promised Eternity
Dust to Dust
Fabula Nova Crystallis


Knight of the Goddess
Eternal Fight
God of War
New Bodhum
Final Fantasy XIII-2 ~Future~
Last Hunter
Missing Link
Memories Of The Future
Caius's Theme
Plains of Eternity
Followers of Chaos
Yeul's Theme
Serah's Theme ~Memory~
Noel's Theme ~The Last Travel~
The Promised Future
Invisible Depths
Eternal Paradox
Ending Credits

such great music...

01-28-2015, 03:24 PM
I'm a huge fan of the Lake Bresha theme; very relaxing.

Star Magician
01-28-2015, 09:29 PM
I'm gonna be the oddball here and pick Can't Catch a Break as my favorite. The jazzy rhythm is just great to listen to, whether while playing the game or not.

I also like Gapra Whitewood, Sunleth Waterscape, Archylte Steppe, Dust to Dust, Snow's Theme, and The Promise (title screen piano track).

01-29-2015, 05:44 AM
Blinded by Light, Savior Of Souls

01-30-2015, 02:37 AM
The only song I really remember that well is 'Death Game' from Lightning Returns. Its awesome.

01-30-2015, 12:27 PM
Saber's Edge
The Hanging Edge
Eternal Love (Short Version)
Lake Bresha

Blinded by Light
March of the Dreadnoughts
The Gapra Whitewood
The Sunleth Waterscape

The Pompa Sancta
Feast of Betrayal
Test of the L'Cie
Primarch Dysley
Fighting Fate
Separate Paths
Setting You Free
Desperate Struggle
Mysteries Abound
Will to Fight

Terra Incognita
The Archylte Steppe
Sulyya Springs
Taejin's Tower
Dust to Dust
Start Your Engines
The Cradle Will Fall

02-11-2015, 05:52 AM
I'm still going through the game, but i would have to say that the music is what is really captivating in this game! it has relevance to the story. Though it's been some time since I played it (going back 5 months) I did enjoy them all. Though the battle music gets a bit repeated when your grinding (when you meet up with Hope and Snow, sorry I've forgotten the name) it's the same music over and over, and it's worth it, but it takes a bit of the flavour away from it.

02-18-2015, 05:46 PM
Favourite from XIII-2 is probably Paradigm Shift or New Bodhum. From LR it's probably Claire Farron.

06-09-2015, 06:18 PM
Hello! I'm new to forum. I want to know what is the name of song in ending movie in Final Fantasy XIII-2. And who sung it. Please, can someone tell me? I want to download and listen it.

Sorry if I posted in wrong thread.

Thank you!

08-20-2015, 10:38 PM
Test of the L'Cie ( is unforgettable, simple and subtle, but still intense.

08-25-2015, 03:48 AM
Hello! I'm new to forum. I want to know what is the name of song in ending movie in Final Fantasy XIII-2. And who sung it. Please, can someone tell me? I want to download and listen it.

I believe the song is called Charice New World...?

Nostalgia gamer
08-25-2015, 03:35 PM
I'm not going to lie, but I like the classical music feel of sulyya springs.That song is just delightful to hear, and I don't mind hearing it over and over, like a calm after the storm.

I do favor nobuo uematsu over the person/persons who wrote the music for FFXIII.

08-28-2015, 01:36 AM
I'm still going through the game, but i would have to say that the music is what is really captivating in this game!

Indeed it is!


I agree with Nostalgia again, the classical feel of the score is just so brilliant to listen to!

08-30-2015, 11:09 PM
Lightning Returns

"The Wildlands"

11-28-2015, 12:41 PM
"Bhunivelze" from Lightning Returns: FFXIII, a compilation of past boss battles which seems fitting to end the trilogy

02-14-2016, 06:46 AM

07-31-2019, 06:40 PM
I think the entire XIII-2 soundtrack is pretty good even though it's quite untraditional.



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