11-13-2013, 08:44 PM
Just putting this out here so we don't have any more necroing of older Kingdom Hearts (if there are any more threads about it) games.

Here are the things I have to say about the individual components of this game.

Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix

Aside the sound cutting out during the segment where you talk to Kairi/Someone about the mural in the underground waterway, I really liked it even though I took my time and beat the Standard/Final Mix difficulty at level 81. Even though I didn't play the original non-Final Mix release of it I liked the additional heartless (aside from those darn Sniper Wilds and probably the Jet Balloon) I had to fight to get materials to synthesize. My favorite new heartless out of the (new synth materials) heartless is the Pink Agaricus...I just like it in general (maybe because it likes to dance).

I have to add...I like the fact that you can skip cutscenes in this one...which is something you couldn't do on the regular non-Final Mix Kingdom Hearts.

Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories

I like this game so far, beside the fact I had sound cut out issues while in the last parts of Agrabah (against genie!Jafar)...this one eventually resolved itself though. I beat Sora's story on standard, but didn't realize I had to beat reverse/rebirth before opening some of the rewards rooms to get some of my missing keyblade cards. Riku's story is more challenging than Sora's being that even though at this point I unlocked a Hi-Potion card, I can't even use it and have to use the refill card (though I can see that I don't really have to charge up to refill like with Sora as the reason, though I do find it odd a pointless Hi-Potion card unlocks).

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

It was nice to see this game as only cinematics even though I never played the actual one (I bought it, but can't play with it since I need to earn my 3DS first).

My rating: 9/10 (only because of the sound cutting out where I mentioned it)