11-16-2013, 10:52 PM
I've been watching a lot of Youtube videos and reading a lot of blogs/threads about how to beat Ruby and Emerald Weapon in FF7.

They're all some boring combination of "Spam Mime", "Spam KotR", "Use W-Item Glitch", combined with some bull$%& 500 hour long grind to master materias and accumulate enough Sources [Can't be W-Item duped] to max all character stats.

So I have a challenge for you all, because I really would like to see someone do it. I plan on making some attempts to do it in my recent playthrough because I'm already at the end of Disc 3 and only have 40 hours into it [I know, some of you have beat the game in less than 15, but this isn't supposed to be a speed run and I'm more casual than some], but lets see if someone else is willing to try too. [60 hours game-time to achieve it is still a pretty tight fit, it might not be possible].

Beat Ruby and or Emerald Weapon under the following stipulations.
#1. Your in-game clock must not exceed 100 hours.
#2. No Knights of the Round or Mime materia allowed
#3. No exploits of any kind. Yes, this means no W-Item glitch

Is anyone up for the challenge?

11-17-2013, 02:41 PM
So I should be under the impression that no one thinks it can be done?

Here is my plan for Ruby

lvl 85+ Cloud + Ultima Weapon + Mystile + Ribbon
That's 14 linked slots
lvl 3+ Hades
4x Cut + Added Cut
Final Attack + Revive
Magic Counter + Full Cure
Leaving room for 7x Counter Attack

-Morph-Farm Elixers from Vladorakos and Dazers from Boundfats using Yuffie and her Conformer weapon.
-Use Elixers to farm Magic Pots in Northern Cave and save a few for the battle itself
-Kill other party members prior to battle
-Have a few Hero Drinks prepared

~Use Hades/Dazers to sleep/paralyze him at strategic moments such as to use Hero Drinks
~5x Cut from 4x+Added = roughly 45k damage a pop [Before Rubys physical resistance]
~Final Attack + Magic Counter & 7x Counter Attack = Roughly 60k damage a pop [Before Rubys physical resistance] back and heal from whatever damage was dealt

Anyone think this will work?