11-19-2013, 12:29 PM
I am trying to make a board-game of the game I love the most, Final Fantasy VIII, but I need help. I'm trying to make the game without the use of GFs. You may be asking why. Well, to be simple, not all of the world uses GFs. Hell, I think most of Balamb Garden students don't either. Just before going to the Fire Cavern, a Trepie Fan tells you she wishes she took up that subject. However, this isn't much of a loss because I have worked into this system down-played versions of GFs abilities. Some learned through rank, others from taking positions such as: Attacker, Caster and Defender. Along with that, a whole world full of different Limit Breaks and gameplay such as:

Limit Break example:
Attacks start off with 3 shots.
Barrage- Shoot multiple shots at multiple targets. Shots = 3x(1D4)
Vitals- Shot causes random status ailment. Shots = 3+(1D4)
Sonic Boom- Shot hits radius of 3 squares. Damage = Add 10x(1D4)
Sidewinder- Shot causes 2 times the damage. Shots = 3+(1D4)
*If rolled 4 for Barrage, Vitals, Sonic Boom; add Sidewinder damage.
*If rolled 4 for Sidewinder; multiply by 3 for Ultima Shot damage.

Gameplay example:
Fire has 1 space.
Fira has 1 space surrounded by 8 spaces of Fire.
Firaga has 1 space surrounded by 8 spaces Fira, and 16 spaces of Fire.
Treatment- Removes status ailments except for KO. Must be 2 squares away from ally. Takes 3 turns.
Recover - Restores health completely. Must be 2 squares away from ally. Takes 3 turns.
Revive - Removes KO from ally. Must be 1 square away. Takes 6 turns.

I really hope I get a reply. I hope this brings new hope to FFVIII, such as an interest in making a sequel or even simply a board-game with SquareEnix input in making the maps and figurines.

In turn of replying to me that you want this, I will release the rest of what I have worked on.

I still need help with: Other Limit-Break Job-Classes, KISS (Keep it simple stupid), and power levels for Limit Breaks.

11-21-2013, 03:42 AM
Well, that's a shame. I guess there have been these threads before so I don't blame anyone. Right now I'm trying to come up with a point system, probably for the game or just a way to keep balance, for the limit breaks. It seems Squall has an awesome limit break with being able to do Renzokuken and Lionheart, but it does have the drawback of there being no control for what he does. You can help it by blinding and silencing him, raising his Crisis Level, but that's it. Selphie can cast any spell with an innate ability to do Double or Triple casts. Even grand abilities like Rapture and The End, and yet she's so random.

There has to be a way to make a point system. Points for all their abilities and yet negative points for their faults like randomness and limitations.