12-20-2013, 05:25 PM
Hello there guys.

Few of you may already know me from my FFIX Challenges journal found at:

Since I already finished all three challenges I wanted to do on FFIX, I decided I will do some challenges at my second favourite FF, FFX. Right now I am still testing the game since I no longer have the playstation, just the game, so I am replaying the game at own sphere game, initial equipment challenge, which to be honest shouldn't even be called a challenge. It's more like I want to try if the game runs well in all parts since this is my first time emulating playstation two. I would be the most displeased to start some hardcore challenge just to find out the game always crashes at like Macalania or something.

Still so far it seems that everything runs just fine, so perhaps in two or three days, I will start first real challenge.

What I would like you guys to do, is to decide which one should I start with. There are many challenges I really want to do and I will eventually do everyone of them, but I am not sure which should be my first. That is why you can vote or post your ideas on which that should be.

Challenges I consider:
1) NSGNSNCNONENNENBB - No Sphere Grid, No Summon, No Customization, No Overdrives, No Escape, No No Encounter, No Blitzball
2) Yuna Only Challenge (when Yuna isn't available, I would let other characters level up, but they can't be used when Yuna is available) and either No Summon, or Own Sphere Grid, not sure which one, you choose?
3) Rikku Only, No Sphere Grid Challenge (same as Yuna Only, when not available, others are allowed to level up, but can't be used once Rikku is available)
4) No Sphere Grid, Initial Equipment Challenge
5) No Sphere Grid with Dark Aeons Challenge

Thanks beforehand and look forward to my journies through the world of Spira.

12-21-2013, 02:41 PM
I did a standard NSG playthrough a few years back and I don't remember having a whole lot of trouble with it, though I seem to remember making quite heavy use of Anima towards the end.

That first one on your list sounds horrible though and I'd probably suggest that if you're going to do all of these challenges at some point, you leave that one until last once as I'm sure as you play through the other times it'll help you think of some strategies to go through them all.

I didn't ever try the Dark Aeons in my NSG game but I'm thinking you could probably combine the fourth and fifth ones into a single playthrough, if you want to use initial equipment just for the main story and switch equipment later to fight the Dark Aeons I don't see the need to play through twice to do that (unless you want to of course!)

I'm trying to work out which of the Yuna ones would be more difficult - with the stips you have you could either power up your aeons, or send her down one of the strength routes on the sphere grid fairly early on to increase HP and strength. No summoning is probably the tougher, given that the aeons can also take damage for you and will be stronger at the beginning, so you'll have more of a challenge from the start. In both of your single character runs when Rikku/Yuna are not available, are you going to play normally or are you going to just use an other single character?

If it was me I'd probably actually work through your challenges from the bottom of the list up, and as I say I do think you can find some sensible way to combine the fourth and fifth on your list should you want to (but if not, then start with the fifth as essentially a standard NSG up until the point you meet the Dark Aeons).

12-21-2013, 03:18 PM
Yeah you are right after I gave it a little though, I will definitely do fourth and fifth challenge at once, basically first finishing the NSGIE and then backtracking to Dark Aeons seeing as there would be nothing new to gain by playing two NSGs.

Actually when it comes to Yuna, there too I am giving it more thoughts, I will probably look up on internet if Yuna Only, Own Sphere Grid No Summon is possible, if it is, then I will do that instead of those two. While Yuna or Rikku aren't available in their respective challenges, I will simply use everyone else I can but after having a little change of heart, they won't be allowed to level up, meaning they will have pure NSG.

When you think about it logically then yeah that sounds about right, on the other side, since I have Christmas holidays now, I can spend more time playing and I think that for story progression the first challenge is the longest, so perhaps I may start with it after all. Still I will keep the decision to the end of the poll.

12-21-2013, 08:40 PM
So a little update on my thoughts. I will be reducing the six challenges to four, effectively combining some of them. I won't be doing a separate NSGIE and NSG with Dark Aeons, for these two, I will simply finish the game in NSGIE format and afterwards backtrack and start the NSG Dark Aeons by breaking the IE, since doing two separate NSG runs only for this would be really pointless.

Second, I won't be doing the Yuna's challenges as I posted them up, instead I will do only one and that will be Yuna Only, No Summons, Own Sphere Grid.

Also for both Yuna and Rikku only challenges I decided I won't use the sphere grid of the others while the respective characters aren't available so the challenges can actually be counted as a Single Character Challenges.

12-23-2013, 05:45 PM
Okay guys, since it's a draw, I decided to go with the NSGNSNCNONENNENBB Challenge so I'll be starting with that. Considering it's Christmas time, family meetings etc., the first part will probably have to wait a few days. I will play a little each day, but I doubt it will be enough for a decent update so be patient and enjoy holidays with your families and friends in a meanwhile :)

12-24-2013, 11:24 AM
Wow, pretty sure you are going hardest first. Did anyone ever actually beat that one, do you know? I've read around and can see people getting stuck at BFA but never actually beating the game. If you manage it I'll be more than impressed. :o Best of luck with it.

Been considering an FFX replay myself, can't decide whether I'll do a challenge run though, not sure I really have time to do it properly these days. :/

12-24-2013, 12:11 PM
As far as I know, second form of BFA is still unbeaten to this day. There was a rumour someone beaten it too but they failed to provide any proof so it was considered fake. It can be theoretically beaten but I will consider this challenge finished once I manage to kill the first form of BFA. I would be trying to defeat it if it wasn't for the REALLY annoying minigame or whatever that should be called just before the fight and also all the talking.

Well you could always just do a NSG run without adding any other restrictions. That alone should be pretty fun and easy.

12-25-2013, 09:19 PM
Okay guys, I had some time to play in last three days so I am bringing you the first update on the NSGNSNCNONENNENBB Challenge! And don't worry, as I promised, there will be videos and pictures. Although I really wanted to embed the videos, it seems I can do that with only one per post, so I will be only posting links for the videos, sorry folks.

First of all I will give big credits to this guide created by zzanmato GameFAQs: Final Fantasy X (PS2) NSGNSNCNONENNENBB Challenge Guide by zzanmato (

I am following his guide so I am not doing this purely from my own knowledge about the game. I hope you don't mind guys, since this challenge is one of the hardest challenges on FFX and there are lots of necessary preparations and things that have to be obtained in order to pass the game.

Now for the actual progress.

There isn't really much to describe about the beginning of the game, I ran through Zanarkand and did the forced Overdrive with Auron. Then in the ruins I loaded all the Al Bhed Primers I had from my first playthrough. I didn't get them all though so there are still about ten primers left. It doesn't really matter though since the reward for collecting them all would only provide me with gil as I can't use them for customization and neither for overdrives.

When Rikku appeared I remembered that long ago I thought she was indeed naked under those green things.

I think you can't really blame me huh?

In the water I took an opportunity to steal a few grenades, about 30 of them so I have few when I get Rikku on Moonflow. There is actually also a possibility of getting infinite potions from one of the Al Bhed on the ship, he gives you three each time you surface back on the ship. But I didn't really get much since it isn't needed and is kinda annoying. After Sin blew me to Besaid I got items from each of Auroch's members. It should be actually noticed that in this game there are tons of NPCs who gives you free stuff, sometimes pretty good stuff too.

The first trials are easy to solve and I also got the Rod of Wisdom from the destruction sphere's chest, it's nice thing to have. After leaving the village I backtracked to get the Energy Blast for Valefor, which may prove useful way later on the forced summoning in Via Infinito. I always wondered just how did a dog dug up an aeon overdrive but now that I think about it, it could be perhaps a reference to FFVIII's Angelo and his item finding. Or not, who knows.

On the way to the boat there are few forced encounters and one of them is forced summoning of Valefor, the purest way to stay true to the rules is to summon Valefor since you got no choice but let her get killed by the garuda and finish it off with normal characters so I did just that.

On the board we get to see Tidus being perverted and Lulu begging for getting raped really, just look at this!

Okay now what the f- Sin? Attacking once again gosh. This isn't really hard battle so I decided it's not worth it to record it just yet, just some long range attacking on the Fin and few attacks with Wakka and Tidus on the underwater boss.

Now for Kilika, this is the first "real" area with encounters and stuff so it's going to get a little more interesting from now on. Since I needed NulBlaze Shield for Tidus, I got to fight it out with Lord Ochu now. I am sorry guys, I had recorded this one but something went horribly wrong and I couldn't put it up so just believe me on this one that he wasn't overly hard really, just some attacking and healing. As for the Sinspawn though, I got the video so here comes the first one!

Sinspawn - YouTube (

Kilika's Cloister of Trials isn't hard either but the Red Armlet for Kimahri from the Destruction sphere chest is really important so I made sure to get that.

After tons of scenes, learning the Jecht Shot and MORE scenes I get to buy the awesome Rulebreaker and Stunning Steel from the O'aka and go save Yuna. And since it is a boss battle, here goes the next video!

Crane - YouTube (

I find it funny how they don't show Lulu jumping on the board. Also you could see me killing myself and letting Tidus do the rest. Apparently according to the guide this improves the chances of getting the equipment for the living character and I wanted the Lightingsteel which I got.

Now for the one and only force Blitzball match of the game. I usually can win this match thanks to the Jecht Shot but i decided that to keep the truest to the No Blitzball rule, I should lose it. But it kind of made me mad since I hate the Luca Goers, they are incredible assholes.

Auron reapears and he's cool as hell. I love how he grins when the fiend looks at him. And for some more badassery we got Anima showing off right after, she is truly horrifying. Too bad I won't be getting and using her in this challenge.

Random Garuda about to be pwned.

Damn though after all that Auron got pretty horny I guess because for Tidus it is time for some surprise buttsex!

Or at least I always think of that when I see this shot. "It's all right. It's gonna be quick."

And before I completely leave the Luca, there is just one more thing I gotta go through.

HAHAHAHA right Tidus? Now don't get me wrong I personally don't mind this scene too much, but it simply became more legendary than Auron's guardianing. For a lot of people this scene makes them shiver.

Well after Tidus hurts his sides, we can finally move on to M'ihen Highroad, which is really the first dangerous area. There are few encounters which, if you get unlucky with being Ambushed and the fiends attacking wrong people, it can lead to Game Over screen. There are also tons of people giving out free stuff. Actually most of the NPCs here do give something. I got through without much problems though and save in the Al Bhed Inn.

Since Tidus is childish, we gotta get that Chocobo eating fiend right? Seems like it's time for another video!

ChocoboEater - YouTube (

As you could see, I wasn't able to push him over the edge but it doesn't really matter so it's fine really. I get the free Chocobo and loot all the cliffs for some nice weapons 'n stuff.

After Seymour shows off, it's time for Mushroom Rockroad. This place is actually really dangreous. Those fungus fiends (forgot their name) like to counter any attack with sleep on everyone at the worst possible time and the fiends are getting stronger and tougher to kill as well. This place is usually where people start to get the Game Over screen. I got through without one but since I need to do some expensive shopping here before the next boss, I had to grind for about two hours for the Gil, once being too daring and getting wiped out, so this too is my first game over of this challenge. Not much was lost really so I didn't mind.

Now since what could be better idea than to electrocute spawns of something that wipes out peoples in matter of seconds right? I mean, WHAT COULD GO WRONG RIGHT? Well basically it's another boss battle time! It is really long battle so if you are watching, feel free to skip through the video really.

Gui1 - YouTube (

As you could see, it wasn't exactly a very hard battle but a really lenghty one.

Gui2 - YouTube (

The second one is a pushover alltogether though, Seymour easily wipes him by himself. Interesting note is that this is the only place in the game, where you can see his overdrive should you wait for it to fill up.

Well and that's it for now guys, looking at the whole post, it got really big so I hope you don't mind. After all there was quite a lot of progress done. I will be posting updates about twice a week I guess so I have enough time to get actually some progress done. I would be very grateful if you could leave your comments about how you liked the style of this post so I know if I should keep it up like this or change anything. Thanks!

12-25-2013, 10:30 PM
When I saw this thread go up, I had a quick look at the FAQ you're referring to and I don't blame you for following it, considering how many things you need are potentially missable. I just wonder how many attempts he went through to come up with that information in the first place.

I'll watch the videos later when I have a bit more time, but sounds like you're making some really good progress already and I'll be following your progress closely, impressed that you got through Mushroom Rock without dying once. (Think it's Funguar you're looking for, by the way.)

And yeah, I totally thought the same about Rikku as you the first time. Not so easy to tell!

For my playthrough, I've done a standard NSG before. Realised the remake is out pretty soon, I wasn't ever intending to get it but now I've got a feeling for playing again I might wait to get that and just do a normal game to get a perfect save on that.

12-26-2013, 06:53 AM
Oh yeah the remaster... I won't be getting that really the graphics are good enough as they are and when I am done with the challenges, I won't really have any reason to replay anymore.

12-28-2013, 04:09 PM
Okayy guys it's time for second update on the challenge so let's just jump straight to it.

After the failed Sin operation and Gui fights there isn't really anything else to do than to make a run to Djose Temple to move with the story a bit. The Cloister of Trials here isn't really hard as well but I do remember when I was playing this first time ten years ago, it took me like two hours to solve no kidding. I guess I wasn't the brightest child >_> As always I got the hidden chest as well, I do get them even if they aren't important really, it's a habit.

The way to the Moonflow is quite a long one but it's not very hard area, still there is no reason to stay there for longer than needed really.

Oh yes the Moonflow and the broken Engrish of the blue people!

You bet I'm gonna ride ze shoopuf! Nothing imposshibibble about it. And while we are at it you should install some security system on ze shoopuf really because it's time for the last boss battle before getting the sexy, the mighty, the best - Rikku!

Extractor - YouTube (

Sorry for no audio. This battle is a little tricky as I have to inflict slow fast and then manipulate the CTB so I can inflict enough damage to interrupt Deep charges because they are basically game over. First time it took me two tries but the recorded video somehow was black screen so I redid the battle two more times for the recording. I ain't redoing it anymore for audio too, sorry!

Oh god yes, Rikku is there to save the challenge. It's shame that I didn't really use her my first two playthroughs years back since I didn't quite understand just how strong the Steal, Use and Mix commands really are and also I developed a bit of fetish for her spiral eyes huehue. She is one of my favourite characters now! With Rikku also comes the second and last forced overdrive in the game so I go with it and overkill the poor thing with mixing two strength spheres.

For now I run to Guadosalam for... Tons, tons and tons of scenes. I mean sure the plot and scenes are nice but seeing them for thirtieth time isn't so appealing anymore. By now I really miss the skip function newer games usually do have. Interesting and sad note is that the FFX HD Remake isn't going to introduce the scene skipping either. There is one scene I like everytime though, the Farplane. I never truly understood what it really is considering you can enter and leave it while alive. Is Guadosalam just supposed to be a portal to realm of the dead? Perhaps in FFX-2 it is addressed more but since I didn't play it yet I don't know.

It's beautiful though.

Well with plot stuff done, it's time for the first stealing marathon which also means a little of backtracking all the way to Djose Temple. On the roads between Djose temple and Guadosalam there are quite a few very nice and also mandatory items that have to be stolen like Petrify Grenades, which are one of the most broken items in the game really, half of the encounters all the way to Inside Sin can be won by throwing one but it takes the fun outta them so I really plan to use them only when needed or when in pinch. And also Poison Fangs, which deal 2k damage each with guaranteed poison to those not immune, these are overpowered for bosses but for few of them they are really mandatory for the win. My guess is that I spend about two and half hour here just stealing the necessary stuff.

Now the Thunder Plains or should I call them the Game Over Plains? This place is really the first truly dangerous place and also my very first Game Over while simply running through, without any stealing. Ambushes here are seriously almost guaranteed Game Over. What a coincidence that this is also the first place in the game where you can win Initiative weapon that completely prevents ambushes huh? And I did win one on my very first Quactuar, lucky! Also Lulu with her brand new Fatal Cait Sith can show us some funny things like this:

A small puppet one shotting an Iron Giant. Fun stuff, go go FCS!

Macalania Woods right after Thunder Plains are yet another very deadly place, now even without ambushes unless you throw your valuable stolen items like mad. Fortunately I got through them on the first try and O'aka presents me with the ultimate weapon of the challenge, Sonic Steel! A.K.A. First strike weapon for Tidus, with it in my possesion and Rikku now full time out of party, I can always have a turn or two with her switched with Tidus to either cripple or kill the enemies, yummy. Before backtracking to Thunder Plains, which are now basically safe place, I decided to take down the Spherimorph while I am here. Auron shows us that he always wanted to be a lumberjack, not a monk or guardian. Seriously is pretty good at cutting down them trees!

Spherimorph - YouTube (

It's not a hard battle by any means, it's just a little long and very item expensive. Oh well, the main reason to steal them all is to use them after all right? Afterwards I just had to do a lot and I mean a lot of item stealing in Thunder Plains and Macalania Woods, I spend about 3 hours there I guess.

Well next boss is right around the corner after the stealing and this time I have to win Lifesaver from him, which is Alchemy weapon for Tidus and it's supposedly really important for BFA. I never would've thought this would be so hard, even with killing him with only Tidus alive it took me exactly thirty tries to get it. No I didn't make a typo there. Thirty retries. I almost cried, I managed to finish four movies while redoing the battle. Kind of ridiculous really, at least the battle itself isn't really hard, look.

Crawler - YouTube (

The Lifesaver isn't recorded but each battle went about the same really. I was so goddamn happy when I finally got it. I was rewarded with some private time with Lulu at least!

I never really looked up what exactly decides who does Tidus ride with and I actually never managed to ride with Auron, though after watching the scene with him on YouTube, I didn't really miss much.

In Macalania temple we get an unexpected plot twist, shh spoilers! Seymour is evil! Seriously I wonder if there was anyone who didn't see it coming. And so we must kill him right? This is actually another boss battle where I gotta win Silencestrike weapon for either Yuna, Kimahri or Auron and I was really afraid after the thirty tries for Lifesaver earlier. Thankfully it only took me four tries to get it for Yuna so nothing really bad. The actual battle itself is quite enjoyable imo. Watch it for yourself!

Seymour&Anima - YouTube (

SOS-nuls are truly magnificent. I kind of find the scenario of this battle a little funny really. When Seymour summons Anima, game hints you to summon Shiva and most people on the first time at least do so I would think, it is very easily possible to kill Anima with Shiva and when you do, Seymour says he wants that power. I mean what the hell, Shiva is the aeon of Macalania temple of which he is supposed to be a high priest of, so there is no reason he shouldn't be easily able to get her right? Oh also a big update on the quality of the videos! I actually purchased licence for the program I am using to record and found a better setting for rendering so from now on all the videos will be without watermark and in HD quality! Enjoy!

After killing Seymour and making run to the sphere, it's another stealing time, but there isn't really that much stuff needed so it was swiftly done. And yet another boss battle is there, Wendigo who is really simple boss with few items.

Wendigo - YouTube (

Well I end up under the lake after easy win and we get another encounter with the overly grown and overly grumpy whale named Sin which already made it clear that he simply enjoys throwing us all over the Spira. THANKS MAN. And of all the nice places I simply had to land in Bikanel... This place is nightmares really. I got more Game over screens here than I probably did on my very first playthrough for the whole game. Seriously first of all I died about four times before even getting back Rikku and then about six times when stealing tons of stuff. I actually wanted to screenshot at least a few of them to show you the pitiful side of the challenge but I didn't think of it on the first few and later I just ragequitted before hitting screenshot each time. Just imagine me crying tears of blood in this place. At least I won auto-potion armor for Rikku from the Land Worms which will be needed much later for Sin. I will have to win more of them for another characters as well but it's always nice to have something to start with.

After spending more then five hours (not counting time lost by each game over) stealing stuff in the desert, I went to Home which is really just a few Petrify Grenades so at least this part of Bikanel was quickly done. I get to watch the awesome destruction of Home, the sweet cry of Brother and craziness of man named Cid. And also not to be forgotten the awesome line by Wakka.

Man I wish I was such a smooth talker as Wakka, Rikku has to be totally into him now!

And that concludes second update folks!

12-30-2013, 09:09 PM
Just wanted to drop in and say I'm impressed with your playthrough and appreciate the vids you posted. Keep it up!

01-01-2014, 11:57 PM
Hey there folks, did you enjoy New Year? I sure did but aside from that I also played some more and thus I am bringing you third update on the challenge and trust me, there was alot of progress again!

Last time I ended up on airship just after escaping the Home and after a little while it appeared that some fiends snuck on the board as well. Oh well nothing to do, we gotta blow the whole airship and take them down with us, right Cid?!

I wish. Rikku, look how sad your father is :(

Well since that plan blew up, it was time for one of the hardest bosses of the game. The red carpet's teeth - Evrae. He is really a bit tricky thanks to his haste state when he falls under 10700 hp, since most of the time Cid is still crying over his failed plan to blow up the ship and can't simply move out before Poison Breath which is deadly. I actually managed to luck out and defeat him first time around, but I was trying to save up items in the forced fights that are very hard as well and in the end I died to them, F- me. It took about 4 more tries to finally take him down again, but this time I was rewarded with Stonestrike for Auron, which is very nice so I was kinda happy to be honest. Watch the battle here:

Evrae - YouTube (

And since the worm is outta way, it's time for a little adrenaline!

I love how Kimahri had to hold Lulu, since she and her 500 belts couldn't do it. As I said earlier, the forced battles on the bridge before the wedding are really hard, the robots can either kill whole party in one go, or eject a character outta battle, or simply KO someone easily. But after first try I wasn't trying to save any items anymore so it went just fine. The reward for that was seeing Seymour taking the sweet Yuna and her hating every second of it.

This scene always made me feel a little weird. After running away it was time for the Cloister of Trials. And the very worst of them. Seriously I always hated this place so much and I always will. I can more or less solve it without a mistake now but still I guess I remember the stress from earlier playthroughs or something. And all that only to get captured. Or did we?

I mean, what the hell? Guys you could so easily get through and the cage wasn't very far from the bridge. Well nevermind that, thankfully we had awesome luck that only those who can hold their breath for god-knows-how long in the water and the rest ended up in Via Infinito.

In Via Infinito I just rushed through picking up Kimahri and laughed at the end, where you find Auron. He says that there must be some exit and we should search. Exit is right behind him. Lel. And last three forced Summonings of the game were at the end of it. I enjoyed them, for some reason I always loved using aeons in FFX, unfortunately thanks to all of the battles I've fought so far, my aeons were really strong from the natural stat growth so it wasn't any challenge to take Isaaru down. I also never understood why afterwards Auron tells him that his pilgrimage is over.

After being thrown underwater, I laughed a bit at the "Merchant Chest", while I understood why the put it in gamewise, storywise it's funny. Hey why not make some gils before they drown? Hyenism. Well, I had to steal some Water Gems here for later encounters on the highbridge which took a while and few game overs. But else than that, one of the easiest bosses of the game was ahead.

EvraeAltana - YouTube (

Hardcore battle and strategy huh? Thankfully it is really quick battle because I needed stonetouch for Rikku, which took me eight tries. Not too shabby.

The highbridge has one of the toughest encounters in the game really and requires a bit of luck to get through but thankfully it isn't so long and took me only two tries to get through. And it was time for the second Seymour fight. I love how Kimahri looks so dissapointed that I didn't abandon him and came back. Sorry. Apparently Seymour Natus is one of the hardest bosses of this challenge but I didn't have any troubles with him, took me three tries only because he killed Rikku before I setted up the necessary.

SeymourNatus - YouTube (

In Macalania Woods to where the party ran after killing Seymour for the second time, Tidus finally got himself some action.

Such romance, many kisses, much feelings. Wow.

Aaand now I finally get to go on a little capturing frenzy. Long story short, I had to capture at least on of each monster in Calm Lands, Macalania Woods, Thunder Plains and also the Cavern of Stolen Fayth. While not so hard, it took a lot of time. Before going to the cavern I had to take down this guy.

Defender - YouTube (

The capturing itself wasn't hard but I hate Tonberry, took so long to find just one. And since I was in the cavern, I took the opportunity to take down Yojimbo.

Yojimbo - YouTube (

Capturing in this challenge is awesome though for the rewards and mostly because I get infinite safe source for my stealing needs. Also I gotten the Cloudy Mirror, upgraded it to Celestial Mirror and other stuff like that. After getting everything I needed I needed I finally could move on with the story a little bit. This time it was purely Kimahri's fifteen minutes of fame. Well actually just 6 minutes. It's really boring fight but I recorded it anyway.

BiranYenke - YouTube (

Ascending the Mount Gagazet is really tough everytime I do so, it it's full of tough encounters and more importantly really long. And at the end of it, one of the hardest bosses in the game, Seymour Flux. Oh god this bastard took way too many tries to beat, thanks god I didn't need to get any equipment from him.

SeymourFlux - YouTube (

The cave with the trials isn't a tough place really, I just needed few steals and zombietouch from Behemoth here, but I was running out of the mighty Petrify Grenades so I had to restart a few times while hunting the zombietouch to save at least few grenades for the rest of the way to Zanarkand. The boss here isn't dangerous at all and actually quite stupid really, see yourself.

SanctuaryKeeper - YouTube (

Well what do I say, thanks for Hastes I guess. I usually play without a sound and just listen to music or watch movies when playing but I always turn it on on the way through Zanarkand Ruins. I love the theme here. The trials there aren't hard but I find them kind of fun and relaxing. Though they lead to another boss battle, which took me few times due to getting unlucky with Glyph Mines etc.

SpectralKeeper - YouTube (

The plot thickens. I enjoy this part everytime, everything suddenly makes 180 turn and things start to get really interesting. Final Aeon sacrifice, Auron's memories and him being unsent etc. And not just that. The most enjoyable battle of the whole challenge - Yunalesca. While she took me many hours to beat, I loved the battle. If you enjoy watching my battles, you should watch this from the beggining to the marvelous end.

Yunalesca - YouTube (

Well that's it for this update, there are tons of preparations ahead for Sin, Seymour and BFA. Tons of capturing, much equipment hunting and more for the final showdown.

A little bonus so you actually see just a few of the many Game over screens of mine:

01-03-2014, 01:09 AM
Wow, that's some amazing progress. I'm gonna stop back and watch the Yunalesca battle, when I checked the guide it sounded like it had to be done to a perfect plan to get through and really intrigued to see how you did it.

01-03-2014, 07:05 AM
Well I didn't use the exact strategy he did, since it was meaninglessly hard and I also had much more Stamina Tablets than he said to steal (Got tons of them from Magic urns), so I tweaked the strategy a little to be a lot more safe and not so easy to mess up by one critical attack or something. Unfortunately I noticed that the Yunalesca video is badly rendered in few shots, dunno why so please deal with it :<

01-03-2014, 10:49 PM
Hello guys, I would like to ask you a question. Very important for the future of this thread actually. Since I will be soon going back to work and I also bought ALOT of new games on Steam during the sales (damn you Gaben!), I want to ask you all if you are interested in following me on the others challenges as well or not. There aren't many posts besides mine so I am not sure how many peoply enjoy my thread and how many of you would really like to see another challenges done. Either way I will definitely finish this current challenge as far as normally possible - to second form of BFA. I just want to know if I should do whatever I feel like or if I would actually have a decent audience if I did other challenges as well.

And since I am questioning you all like this, please if you reply that you would like to see another challenges as well, tell me which interest you the most and if there is anything you would like me to add to my journal or change in it.

Thanks folks!

01-14-2014, 02:17 AM
Hello guys, I would like to ask you a question. Very important for the future of this thread actually. Since I will be soon going back to work and I also bought ALOT of new games on Steam during the sales (damn you Gaben!), I want to ask you all if you are interested in following me on the others challenges as well or not. There aren't many posts besides mine so I am not sure how many peoply enjoy my thread and how many of you would really like to see another challenges done. Either way I will definitely finish this current challenge as far as normally possible - to second form of BFA. I just want to know if I should do whatever I feel like or if I would actually have a decent audience if I did other challenges as well.

And since I am questioning you all like this, please if you reply that you would like to see another challenges as well, tell me which interest you the most and if there is anything you would like me to add to my journal or change in it.

Thanks folks!

Personally I would be much more interested in watching you play through difficult challenges in other FF titles than seeing different challenges in X. For instance, no-junction in VIII, 122333 challenge in XII, etc. That's just me.