Nostalgia gamer
12-24-2013, 02:58 PM
I personally think hojo is easily one of the most evil vile and disgusting ff characters in the series.The acts he commited are bad enough that you can't help but feel hatred and disgust for him.

He committed crimes against humanity just in the 1 act he did to his son:

1:Human experimentation:There are laws against experimenting on humans.
2:Experimenting on your own wife and son while pregnant with your child:This makes the act even more horrendous, because he could have very well helped cause the death of his wife.
3:He went against shinra by going rogue, and helped his son fight shinra.He was clearly not on anyone's side but sephiroth, making him a villain.
4:He tried to make red mate with aerith:This is really sick.He clearly has no appreciation for life.

5:He tried to kill you.
6:He does evil tests on zack that could have killed him had he been unprepared.Even the other doctors warned against it.

My final thoughts:Hojo is clearly very insane and psychopathic.He doesn't care about anyone's well being, and the only reason he even cares about his son, is because it bloats his ego.

Other mentions:Cid from ff6:He is responsible for magitek experiments that drove kefka insane.He is responsible for draining countless magitek with his technology, or at least making the technology for it to be possible.In this way:His thoughtless actions caused a lot of suffering for all those espers.

Other mentions:Algus:He is an elitist noble who thinks he is better than everyone else, and thinks those who aren't nobles as roaches.He is bad, but nowhere near as bad as the others.

garland from ff9:He is responsible for making kuja and zidane's clone race i think.He doesn't seem to care about anyone.

Creator from ff legends 1:He created a bunch of fiends who were god like and cause countless destruction as a game to toy with people, and when the team got to the top, you find are offered immortality and power for winning to the top.The lives of those lost in this horrible game were completely meaningless to the creator, making that a pretty nasty god.

Kefka:To me, what makes kefka so iconic, is that there is no doubt he is evil.Other villains either don't explain that well, or do so in a clich´┐Ż way.Kefka for an example told terra to kill a bunch of soldiers while she had her slave crown on just for his amusement.He berated a bunch of soldiers, because that is just how meaningless to him they are.He tortured and killed countless men/women/espers, and for what? his own amusement.He is a psychopath by very definition.His very acts echo through the game leaving prints.The other character who was also clearly a psychopath, was emperor palomecia, but kefka's insanity make kefka unique.

Anyone agree? anyone able to think of one?

12-24-2013, 05:49 PM
While I agree with most of these, I have to say that I disagree with Garland from IX. He makes the genome race and sends Kuja to make war on Gaia. But he is doing this because his planet is essentially dead and he is trying to replace the Gaian souls with his Terran souls. He does care, but for his own planets' survival.

Nostalgia gamer
12-24-2013, 09:37 PM
Didn't hojo break more than 1 law? i mean:Isn't there laws against experimenting on humans without the go ahead?

12-24-2013, 09:59 PM
Considering FFVII's Planet is not our Earth, and given the fact Shinra were effectively the government of said world, I think that doesn't apply - Shinra make the laws, hence technically everything he did was under Shinra's mandate. Even if his actions were considered horrendous and immoral - he basically became a caricature of himself - a standard run-of-the-mill mad scientist.

I mean, how much more insane can you get when your insanity even blinds you to just how flawed your scientific 'methods' are (like trying to mate Aeris with Red XIII to produce a long-lived 'Ancient' - one would think invitro-fertilization and genetic manipulation would have been far more effective. The whole scene was simply to show just how much of a monster he really is - regarding Aeris, and Red XIII too for that matter, as nothing but animals).

Anyway, there's an old FF meme that Marche from FF Tactics Advance is the most evil character in the series, given the fact his 'real world' is pretty depressing as far as his friends are concerned (his best friend is wheelchair-bound and his mother is dead, another friend is an albino who has to dye her hair and is thus naturally insecure about her appearance etc). Considering the change of the 'real world' into Ivalice makes their lives technically for the better, well, the cliched 'there's no place like home' trope definitely comes across as horribly flawed in this regard. Destroying the fantasy world of Ivalice to send his friends back to their miserable real-world lives, especially Doned and Cid, shows just how single-minded and monstrous he really is. :p

Nostalgia gamer
12-25-2013, 12:31 PM
I actually have to beat tactics and tactics advance some day, but i think also ramza's brother is not that nice either.He was using him to win the war against the other side, and both sides are too proud to see how much harm their stupid little war is doing.