Samy Waseem
12-29-2013, 05:57 AM

Lady Lady Awesome Japanese Anime I loved seeing it when I was child, the story talks about
Lynn who lost her mother at the age of five and lives in with her father in England. Lynn's father is not able to be by her side all the time because of his busy schedule and Lynn is often left on her own. Despite having to endure the harsh loneliness, Lynn strives to protect her promise with her mother to become a strong and elegant lady.

I subbed the first episode for you all to see :

Episode 1 part 1 [SUBBED by Me] :

Lady! Lady! - episode 1 (Subbed) - Part 1 (

Episode 1 Part 2 [SUBBED by Me] :

Lady! Lady! - episode 1 (Subbed) - Part 2 (

Let me know what you think of the Anime or my translation and I might upload more subbed episodes.