01-31-2014, 07:35 AM
This might actually be my favorite FF game however there are still some things I dislike about it:

Firstly I do not like the scripted fights you are meant to lose. You fight Beatrix 3 times, Lani once, and Kuja twice, and you do not win any of them.

The second thing I dislike is the fact that there is no main villain in the game.
At first Beatrix seems like a good villain and I was looking forward to a final fight where you actually get to defeat her, however she turns good after the 3 scripted fights and is no longer a villain.
Lani is then introduced as someone who might be an important villain to the story with orders to get that stone from Garnet and kill Vivi (which she forgets about). But you fight her once, she runs away, and that's it for her.
Brahn then seems like she would be the main villain after what she has done but she is also killed and apologises for what she did before she dies.
So we are left with Kuja who seems to be the mastermind the whole thing. You fight him twice but you never actually defeat him, he ends up helping you in the end, and also turns "good".
Then the final boss, the one you actually get to defeat, is just a random generic enemy that comes of of nowhere.
People have made theories about it but apparently Hades was originally meant to be the final boss but they changed it last minute to Necron meaning that he wasn't actually meant to have any relevance to the plot, he was just a random strong monster that was interchangeable.

These are my only 2 complaints about this game so overall I thought it was amazing, does anyone else have any disliked?

01-31-2014, 06:55 PM
The one thing I truly didn't like in the game was Trance, in that you couldn't save it for later like in VII or VIII. I always hated that trance would happen right as battle was ending no matter how much you tried to prevent it from happening.

As for Necron. I didn't feel he was completely useless to the story line. I always felt he was the embodiment of death, of eternity, and that you are fighting for life. Kuja destroys the crystal because he feels that if he can't live, then nobody else can either, and there are consequences in doing so. So, Necron appears and is going to destroy all life because the crystal has been destroyed. Now, you don't want the world to be destroyed, so you are fighting Necron to show that you want to live, even if you are going to die anyway.

With that being said, I would have preferred Kuja to have been the final boss.