03-19-2014, 02:14 PM
Taken from Ah! My Goddess/Aa Megami-sama Manga to End in April - News - Anime News Network (http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2014-03-19/ah-my-goddess/aa-megami-sama-manga-to-end-in-april)

The May issue of Kodansha's Monthly Afternoon magazine is announcing on Monday that Kousuke Fujishima is ending his Aa Megami-sama (Ah! My Goddess/Oh My Goddess!) manga in the following issue on April 25. The June issue will also have a "super-important announcement."

Seems one of the longest running series I care about is finally going to pass into history. I think for a long time many readers of AMG have question when this day would come after the series hit milestone not to loong ago. For one I noticed Fujishima-san was slowing down and doing more odd plot points with AMG, so maybe this is a good thing in the end.

No word if this means he is retiring from character creation (Tales series) or just manga. I think he was trying to do another series while AMG was gong oin, but I haven't seen much of it of late. Have to wonder what this "super important June announcement" will be...

03-19-2014, 04:17 PM

Seriously though, I'm really surprised that Fujishima kept it going for so long, as I'd heard rumours ten years ago that he was wanting to wind the series up. I mean, if the actual chronological order of events in the manga matched the actual publication date, Keiichi would be in his early forties by now! I just wonder how the series is going to end - whether K1 and Bell will actually marry, or maybe, if a ton of bad fanfiction would have you believe, he gets 'ascended' into godhood or something stupid. Anyway, thank you for this info - as a huge AMG fan it's disappointing to hear this, but I've been expecting it to happen eventually.