03-24-2014, 01:48 PM
anyone know where to download this ost flac quality?

Track List:
1 "V": The Series Main Title (Liberation Day)
2 Space Chase (Liberation Day)
3 Martin's Death (Dreadnaught)
4 Elizabeth's Rebirth (Dreadnaught)
5 Enter Diana/Elizabeth Grows Up (Dreadnaught)
6 The Star Child (Dreadnaught)
7 Lift-Off Into Space (Dreadnaught)
8 Farewell/Dreadnaught (Dreadnaught)
9 Elizabeth's Theme (The Sanction)
10 A Sunny Day (Dreadnaught)
11 Kyle And Elizabeth (The Sanction)
12 Lounge Lizards (Visitor's Choice)
13 Seductive Dream (The Deception)
14 "V" The Series Main Title V. 2
15 Doppleganger's Demise (Reflection In Terror)
16 Rats 'R' Us (The Conversion)
17 Nathan's End (The Betrayal)
18 Lizard Courtship (The Betrayal)
19 Wedding Fanfare/Banquet Music (The Rescue)
20 Reception Music (The Rescue)
21 Adios, Charles (The Rescue)
22 Finale (The Betrayal)
23 "V" The series End Credits