04-19-2014, 04:53 AM
So I beat this game 50 times (lie, maybe 10 lol). I kick ass at blitz no matter what my team consists of.. Although I played this game so much I can't seem to find a decent attacker for my blitz team other then wedge , but I use him opposing tidas in forward. Zev ronso as MF, an here's where I need help, left and right defense, I mean I can put wedge back there but his shot is just as high as attack,, right now I have botta as my attacker an I stick ditto along side him, I want to keep ditto back there because he has super fast break away speed . I usually have gotta take the ball, then pass to datto, then Its off to the races to get close enough to pass to tidus.....

.. OK straight to the point now sorry ... Botts attack has been at 15 since like around lvl 10 an it only goes up like every ten lvls.. I want to get rid of him, maybe pick up a rookie that accelerates fast in attack.. Don't mention switch in datto and wedge because I love datto being able to get away with the ball fast... So I'm lookin for a brute maybe that starts with 10+ attackat lvl 1 an will be 20+ by lvl 20..

Sorry for the bad typing , I'm using phone

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All players are lvl 18+ and I just got to maclania temple. So I got no airship, all I can do if I missed a good blitzer is backtrack , an I can't get back pass the moon flow , so I guess I'm kind of screwed until I get my airship right?