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04-19-2014, 09:21 AM
So, it's no secret a lot of "box office" TV shows are based on books.

"BASED ON BOOKS" not interpreted verbatim.

I've learned a few things since Game of Thrones:

1) Book readers are always assholes to those who have not read the books.
2) Book readers are always wanting to be "first" to spoil the series and proclaim their knowledge in the comments as to persuade other book readers that they know their shit.
3) Book readers are not friends. And will never be friends with you or hold you in the esteem they have for their pretentious selves, simply because you didn't read the books.
4) Book readers should not watch TV/movies.

I love Game of Thrones.

There's so much lore and fantasy to it while it keeps so many characters very human.

I know a lot can't and will not stomach it, simply because they read the books.

I know every single soul who has read the books want everything to be exactly the same as they read.

I read the Sin City graphic novels related to the first Sin City film.
Frank Miller is not the genius he is portrayed by Hollywood.

He has a nice style.
But, suited more for Indie-type films.
Nothing meant for commercial gain, like 300: Rise of an Empire.
I didn't watch it but knew what the ratings would be like: complete shit.
Even all my friends who subjected themselves to the film thought it was complete shit.

The first Sin City film was virtually frame-for-frame identical to the graphic novel.
Save a few scenes that later surfaced for the "extended//director's cut/etc" on Blu-ray.

When I watched the complete version of the film after reading the comics, I was completely turned off from the film and cared nothing for it.

It was exactly as the comic depicted.
There was nothing different.
A few new characters. But who cares?
It was shit.

I can rip the audio to the Sin City film and read the comics and act as if it were an Audio Book designed for the comics.

I was sick of it.

I like adaptations, when they're done with style and class.
I've read the first chapter to Game of Thrones and I'm not freaking out about season 1, so far.

I doubt it will ever get to that fucking point, because I learned from Sin City.

If Game of Thrones was word-for-word with the novels, I'd get mighty sick of it right quick.
Why bother watching it when the book is exactly the same?

I can never understand the hatred from the book readers.
There is simply no logic.

They'll come up with points, but useless points, nonetheless.

I can come up with points that are completely irrelevant to the situation and I'd win because people will agree that the points I make are valid.

"War is dumb." BAM! 100 followers will agree, no matter the context.
That is the life style of MOST readers (NOT to be interpreted as "ALL" readers).

(AND), that's another thing: "hyperbole"...


Unless I produce a 500-word essay on a word I choose to use with complete context (or subtle with a convincing argument, albeit completely irrelevant,) everything will seem like it's "a stoner's logic" when it's really among the same quality as Monty Python's mockery of everyday shit...

"Shit" is meant to be construed as "things/events/happenings/etc/with-no-real-boundaries-or-absolute-context"...

Quit splitting hairs.

You KNOW you're an asshole when...

"Professor Snape killed Gandalf"
"I read the book but won't say what happens but I know what happens and just wanted to state it to the world. Also "first"!"
"Everyone dies in the end." (Reservoir Dogs)

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PS: I'm up-to-date with season 4 for Game of Thrones.

I know from official GoT Facebook page and the IGN Facebook page, that no one is happy with GoT as it stands.
And they want to be the first to proclaim their ignorance for the viewers.

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PSS: https://www.google.ca/search?num=100&newwindow=1&q=define%3Ahyperbole&oq=define%3Ahyperbole&gs_l=serp.3...4014.6452.0.7173. .4j3.7.0....0...1c.1.41.serp..2.5.612.-GtEBnzOFGM

so fuck you.



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