Nostalgia gamer
04-23-2014, 05:12 PM
i'm doing my first challenge with determination:4 white mages challenge.

It is really hard.Man i died so many times already its not even funny.

Things that helped me:The power peninsula trick that is northeast of pravoka.Even at level 9 and 10, i still die a lot in marsh cave.The enemies hit very hard. especially piscidemons and gargoyles.I got hit for over 100 from a piscidemon, and it wasn't nice.

The ridiculous thing is:Crits seem ridiculously high in nes version.I have never seen any game in the series with such ridiculous amounts of crits.Even with casting 2 ruse spells, the enemies crit will hit you and kill you almost or in 1 shot.

I was smart to bring 70 potions as well and a cabin and a tent, because you will die horribly.

I just did the earth cave at level 11 and killed the vampire.It was really hard.I survived with 2 characters.Piscidemons are a nightmare on the third floor.Its almost worth waiting till you get life spell.

I DID IT!! i killed lich.that was nasty.PHEW!!! with 4 white mages:RUN RUN RUN!! PRAY TO GOD!!! multiple piscidemons in 1 fight=Reset.

I'm in the ice cave now at level 12.These stupid mages keep popping up constantly.I'm going to level up if this keeps up.The ice cave certainly is extremely hard.I think its my twelfth try at running.Last time i almost did it, but i couldn't remember where the hole is to get the last treasure.

Nostalgia gamer
05-03-2014, 01:10 PM
I beat ff1 nes challenge:four white mages.

The challenge was fairly difficult in some areas, and fairly annoying if you are unprepared.
Getting to chaos without using up all 99 potions is impossible.By the time you reach b4 you will be out of potions, and use up some spell charges to heal yourself and resurrect your characters.I was able to beat chaos at 35 with four white mages.all my characters were 35-36